How to start a strong and close-knit family?

How to start a strong and close-knit family?

Do you look for the soulmate? To make a right choice, it is necessary to understand who exactly is necessary to you. Let's consider the most important criteria for creation of family.


1. We meet on odezhkepervy business we pay attention to appearance. By itself, our future satellite or the companion, have to seem to us attractive. Though you should not do hasty conclusions – having got acquainted closer, we begin to see each other differently. Pleasant people seem to us more beautiful, and owners of intolerable character lose the initial gloss and a luster.

2. "Communities" Besides sexual inclination of two people something has to unite the general: - Outlooks on life. The vital principles should not disperse for 100%. If your "white" looks "black" in the opinion of your partner, then it will be difficult to you to agree about something. - Interests. The general hobbies bring together and help to have a good time together. Moreover, if you, and your girlfriend collect stamps, then you will not come across misunderstanding of your favourite occupation. - Financial and cultural level. Do not forget that after a honeymoon you should get out of a paradise tent, and from time to time you will begin to face each other friends. Whether you will feel at ease, riding "Zaporozhets" if at all friends of your girl on two-three fancy foreign cars. Concerns also intellectual level.

3. Shutkamiyesla jokes the new acquaintance manages to make laugh you, and your jokes do not seem to him excessively trite or aggressive, it is good sign. The similar sense of humour and ability to lighten each other the mood favorably affect the relations.

4. Respect first of all! There are such qualities without which in good family not to do. Look narrowly at the potential spouse / spouse: whether you find respectfulness, a maturity, responsibility, honesty and flexibility in them? If something from this list is absent, then it can bring you many efforts.

5. SsoryPsiholog are advised young couples to look narrowly at their first quarrels. If compromise is skillfully reached to a beating of grandmother's ancient ware, and everyone remained from shares of the interests, then and further such couples will just find a way out of disputable situations. Do not confuse lack of the conflicts with boundless desire each other to concede in everything. Sooner or later your plans will be crossed.

6. "Your family" If you surely reached the sixth point, time to find out about parents of your "applicant" came. Starting a family you connect yourself bonds not only to the wife/husband, but also her / his parents and relatives. If something strongly guards you in a family tree of the partner, hold off a wedding and once again properly to each other look narrowly.

7. Council yes if you suit a lyubovdazha perfectly one another, starting a family, not to do without that magic and mysterious feeling under the name "LOVE". Someone calls it "chemistry", someone "attraction", someone "spark". The main thing, do not allow the villain love to obscure your head completely. Unfortunately, for creation of good family, feelings alone happens insufficiently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team