How to take the initiative

How to take the initiative

In former times the initiative in adoption of important decisions in families of the woman was unconditionally transferred to men. Yes differently also could not be, men were stronger physically, on their shoulders care of ensuring material welfare lay and all society was constructed by the principle of domination of men. Presently the situation changed. Women more often do not accept a supporting role in family.


1. To take the initiative, first of all estimate the real opportunities. If you are people shy, indecisive, subject to doubts and never announced serious initiatives earlier, in everything relying on the husband, then it will be psychologically difficult for you to cope with a new role. Whether really you need it? Perhaps, more correct will softly push the husband to the necessary decisions?

2. If you came to a conclusion that differently it is impossible, and you are capable to make decisions and to undertake responsibility for their performance, then try to change the line of conduct and some "not leader" traits of character. Cultivate in yourself confidence, hardness, the sequence, insistence to yourself and members of the family.

3. Be aware of everything that occurs in family, than there live your spouse and children. Undertake daily affairs and the solution of everyday issues. You should not hope that someone will make municipal payments, the proceeding crane in kitchen will repair, will make repair or goes to a PTA meeting. But it does not mean that you need to roll up sleeves and to turn to work. You have to organize correctly its performance and control process.

4. Offer the ideas more often and you lick them into shape. Try to gain experience and skills in adoption of important decisions. These decisions have to be correct and logical. Do not solve problems with the help of emotions at all. Do not give up outstanding affairs and do not change the decision if you accepted it. So you will gradually gain unconditional authority on the family.

5. Before announcing any initiative, analyze a possibility of its realization. You have to own this subject deeply! Make the accurate action plan. Each its point has to be clear and clear, first of all, to you. It will increase your confidence in success of an action and will affect moods of family members.

6. To put forward the idea and to achieve its formal approval by family not enough in order that it was realized. Act consistently and you watch how it is carried out until results do not satisfy you.

7. Do not forget that if you undertake the solution of all tasks, you automatically deprive of other members of the family of an opportunity to feel necessary, dear, self-sufficient. Think whether you want to see your family ordinary "small screws" of your will? And how long they will accept this situation? In strong families the decisions are made together or, at least, in them are cast according to opportunities and competence of the husband and wife of any given area. Take an initiative in those questions which are close to you, and provide to the husband to show it in in what he is strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team