How to talk to the wife

How to talk to the wife

Pragmatic Americans conducted researches of the matrimonial relations and came to a surprising conclusion. It appears, the saying "penny-wise and pound-foolish" has one more evidence-based manifestation. Researches show that men, avaricious on words, are forced to spend for the women several times more money, than their eloquent fellows.


1. Use gifts that to cajole her. Alas, as show researches, you or beautifully and cordially with her speak, or pay off from each scandal with gifts. In any case, until you began to grind the ability to talk to women, gifts can become temporary rescue of your relations. The gift will not replace a conversation, but can become a good occasion to begin it.

2. Constrain aggression. The emotionality of the man often has aggressive coloring. All because men by nature have more testosterone and adrenaline. And these hormones are surely emitted in blood during scandals. Men even apologize sometimes with a jeer. And speak about problems indulgently. Control aggression attacks in the speech if you want to come into contact with the wife.

3. You learn to speak about emotions in detail. Terse phrases it seems "Cool!", "Ulet!" or "Be hurt!" leave to friends. The woman wants to hear detailed statement of what delights you or irritates. You should not get off with terse phrases in a conversation with the wife.

4. You find courage to forgive and apologize. Forgiveness – the act of courage and courage. Both to ask forgiveness, and only really brave persons can give it. Do not think that apologies can humiliate you. Be able to recognize the wrongfulness in time. And it do not force to apologize twice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team