How to tell about pregnancy to the man if the father not he

How to tell about pregnancy to the man if the father not he

Sometimes novels "on the party" lead to unexpected consequences: the woman becomes pregnant from other man, without knowing how to report about it to the husband or the boyfriend. There are several ways of an exit from this situation.


1. Pregnancy approach – very important point in the woman's life therefore first of all you have to define with what man you want to remain – with the father of the child or that whom you met before emergence of this situation. Consider that hardly your man will be delighted to the fact that you had not only a novel on the party, that is you changed it, but also future child will be not from it. In most cases it leads to break in relations therefore you have to be ready that the husband or the boyfriend will not forgive you for deeds.

2. Think well, the husband or the boyfriend how strongly appreciates you and whether he is capable to forgive you even for such serious treason to him. In certain cases the beloved – the only meaning of life for the man therefore, despite all difficulties, he can find forces to reconcile to a situation and to try to resolve the conflict peacefully. If you are sure that your man really loves you, just talk to him seriously. Tell that you regret that you made, and you want to keep your relations, and for education of future child you take the responsibility. In this case there is a small chance that the man will be able to forgive you.

3. Under what circumstances you became pregnant is important. For example, cases when the woman fell the victim of violence are known, but did not admit it to the husband. However as a result it became clear that the proximity with other man led to pregnancy. In this situation you have to tell the husband or the boyfriend as everything occurred. If there is no your fault in deeds, the loving man will understand your position and will try to resolve a situation peacefully.

4. Discuss further options of actions with your man. Perhaps, he will not want to leave or bring up further foreign child. In this case you can address for consultation medical experts and if term allows, to interrupt pregnancy. However you remember that it is the dangerous procedure for a female body which can lead to irreparable consequences. As option, talk to the man from whom became pregnant. Suggest it to bring up further the child independently without your participation. Nevertheless, men seldom agree to assume such responsibility, and the child will be anyway needs mother. Therefore if you are guilty of the occurred pregnancy, try to reconcile to it and be ready that once the beloved will not forgive treason, and you should remain with the father of future child or to bring up the kid independently.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team