How to understand and outwit the mistress

How to understand and outwit the mistress

Little can shake and wound the woman stronger, than treason of the husband. Especially if that she is the deceived wife she is reported by the mistress of her blessed. For example, by phone. Moreover in the annoying, caustic expressions: say, marriage became mere formality, the husband lives with it only for the sake of children or povinuyas to call of duty.


1. Shock, shock, burning offense. It seems to the woman such minute as if the earth crumbles under the feet. The first and most natural reaction: cannot be, it is some silly joke or revenge! But the interlocutor begins to tell to the wife about such details which were known only to her and the husband moreover literally savouring them. And gradually reaches the shaken woman: it is not a joke and not revenge, but the sad truth. What should I do? To make terrible scandal to the unfaithful spouse? To file for a divorce? Stop! And now think, the mistress tries to obtain it. For what purpose she called you. Really from notorious female solidarity: like, it, the poor thing, does not even suspect about true shape of the hubby, so I to it will cut out eyes? Not a bit. Its only purpose is to make to you as it is possible more painfully that you decided to suspend relations with the husband.

2. Try to understand your competitor as the woman. She wants family happiness too. She is weighed by the status of the mistress, she wants to be called the lawful wife. To it the thought is intolerable that your husband persistently does not desert family that for him it – temporary option. It is clear, that this woman feels to you jealousy and instinctive hostility, you interfere her with happiness. Its revelations is an attempt to anger, embitter you, to destroy your marriage. Really you will follow her tastes, having actually granted her intimate desire?

3. Certainly, you are strongly offended, angered. But try to calm down after all, it is necessary to make important decisions on the cold head. Objectively and impartially analyze your family relations, try to find the answer to a question: why the husband in general brought the mistress what was not enough for him? If you have enough wisdom and justice to recognize that in the incident there is also your share of fault, consider what half-affairs is already made. Introduce necessary amendments in the behavior, and will pull the husband to you soon as a magnet.

4. You do not revenge the mistress at all, you do not come to her to work or home with dismantling. You will also be guilty. Remember: she wants to provoke you to play a role of the innocent sufferer. Do not give it such pleasure.

5. If you decided to keep marriage, try not to reproach the husband, especially, do not blackmail: "You will leave to it – I will not allow to meet children!" It both is unworthy, and is just silly. Better quietly let it know that all of you know, but are ready to forgive and forget. This simple reception you outwit the mistress, will upset her intrigues.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team