How to understand other person

How to understand other person

All life you is surrounded by various people, and the majority of problems which the person in the course of activity faces, have difficult character because of difficulties and problems in communication and relationship with people around. Can sometimes seem to you that the people surrounding you – the most unclear beings in the Universe, but it not so. In this article we will tell about how it is better to understand people around that misunderstanding did not break your communication with people.


1. All people have different temperament and at everyone – own unique type of the personality. First of all, even if the person for some reason causes in you discomfort, do not give a sign and try to be friendly and friendly. People, as a rule, respond to affability to the same.

2. Try get to talking the person – ask him on yourself. It is difficult to find the person who would not grasp with pleasure for an opportunity to tell about own life and own hobbies.

3. In the story gather a maximum of information on the person – thanks to it you in the head will already have a certain picture explaining what can approximately be expected from the person, and what character at it.

4. Each person tries, is conscious or not, to show to the interlocutor the best qualities and to hide shortcomings. Attentively listen both to the words of the interlocutor, and to his emotional and nonverbal reactions – a mimicry, gesticulation and other moments which will allow you to feel most precisely his internal state that, of course, will help to understand the person better.

5. In the course of communication be most weakened, do not show to the interlocutor internal tension.

6. Easily join in a conversation, show the knowledge in different areas – including, in the field of psychology of the personality, and include imagination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team