How to understand that you are not pleasant to the man: 3 main signs

How to understand that you are not pleasant to the man: 3 main signs

The happy and harmonious relations have to be mutual. When the sympathy only arises, it is important to woman to understand whether it is pleasant to the man, chances to win his heart are how high.

At the very beginning of creation of the relations it is necessary to feel feedback from the partner. Quite often it is difficult to woman to understand whether she is pleasant to the man, whether it is worth continuing communicating with it further. Psychologists advise to pay attention to 3 signs which indicate obvious lack of sympathy. If they are present, new acquaintance will hardly pour out in something serious. 

Desire to keep at

Desire of the man to keep at from the woman - the first sign that it has no interest. If there are an interest, love, there is always a need to be closer to an object of the sympathy. The man approaches, takes by hand at an opportunity or tries to embrace, kiss. 

When the woman is not pleasant, the physical contact can even cause rejection. Precisely to understand what feelings the elect has, it is possible to carry out the simple test. It is necessary to take several steps towards to it and to approach most close. If there is no sympathy, the man will instinctively take a step back, will begin to be nervous, will try to start a conversation on an abstract subject. 

If the man is in love, he constantly follows the pleasant girl at a party or on a visit. He tries not to lose sight of it and keeps nearby. When the elect often steps aside, switches attention, it is possible to speak about lack of love with confidence. 

Observance of a distance can be shown also at the spiritual level. If the man does not like the woman, he will not discuss with her something personal, to share intimate. During the meeting he can instinctively separate, having begun correspondence with someone from acquaintances, checking private messages. Such behavior demonstrates that the man does not need these relations at all. 


The second sign that the girl is not pleasant to the man it is his indifference. In the course of the conversation he is almost not interested in her, does not ask any questions, prefers to tell about himself or to communicate on some generalized subjects.

If there is no sympathy, to the person all the same as the girl will get home whether conveniently to it to meet in certain time. To the forefront it has own interests. The man is not interested in plans of his friend for these days and he in every possible way tries to show that she has to adapt to it. If the person is not in love, he does not seek to offer the help even when necessary. Indifference is shown also in details. When there are no feelings, the man with enthusiasm will not open a door before the woman, to help to take off outerwear. Indifference can be caught easily in a look. The person in love looks at a sympathy object with admiration. Pupils this second very strongly extend. When the woman is not interesting, she is not capable ""to light"" a men's look. 

When the woman is not pleasant, the man remains indifferent to her feelings. If she is offended, upset, tries to sort out the relations, the elect will keep silent. Sometimes men thus try to get rid of the bothered fans. They hesitate to state them everything directly, but create situations which can offend the girl, and then do not even try to apologize, make amends. 

Constant employment

If the man is constantly busy, does not call and in every possible way avoids meetings, the woman did not manage to interest him. The person in love himself shows an initiative, looks for a reason for an appointment. When the man hangs up, says that he cannot talk now, but does not call back later, he does not want to communicate. You should not deceive yourself and to think that it can be coincidence. When such situation repeats more than once, it is necessary to draw the corresponding conclusions. It is not necessary to impose himself, to look for meetings and to remind constantly of itself. It will only anger the man. In this case it is better to step aside and to disappear for a while from the elect's life. There is a chance that he will rethink the behavior, will understand feelings. If it does not occur, it is necessary to reconcile. 

Sure sign of the fact that the man is not interested is his desire to leave quicker the girl. If the person says that he needs urgently to run somewhere and he is forced to interrupt communication, but at the same time is confused, is nervous, it is worth looking narrowly at it more attentively. Such behavior can indicate both lack of love, and that the man is not free and deals doubly. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team