How to win the girlfriend

How to win the girlfriend

There now, came true! You, at last, met that one and only! It seems, and she is favorable to you. How to win the girlfriend? What to make in order that your relations got stronger and over time passed into something bigger? Eternal question: "What is wanted by the woman?"


1. • Be attentive to the girlfriend. All girls, without exception, love when they beautifully look after them. You are not lazy to give flowers, unreliable expensive smart bouquets, also the modest flower quite will approach. Invite the girlfriend in cafe, cinema, club. Try to meet and see off after work or study. Do not forget to call, learn regularly how its affairs if you cannot be nearby. The girl has to feel that you constantly think of her.

2. • Pay attention to the appearance. Girls like young men tidy, clean. The smell which proceeds from the man, and business even not in perfume is very important for the woman. If from you pkhnt then, stale linen if your socks which are put on a week ago exhale unforgettable aroma, all this can forever frighten off your girlfriend. Regularly take a shower, you wear clean clothes, use a deodorant, do not forget to brush teeth. It, perhaps, seems ridiculous, but girls, really, are very sensitive to smells.

3. • You remember, "women are auditory", be not tired to give darling compliments, to say what she clever, beautiful. Tell that better girls, than she never met. Be not afraid to exaggerate its advantages, she really the best!

4. • Try to be pleasant to her girlfriends, their opinion on her friend is very important for the girl. But be careful, your behavior should not cause jealousy of your darling. The woman has to see with what you the interesting person as all people around are fascinated by you, but at the same time, you are interested only her, and all your attention belongs to it.

5. • Do not leave the girl for a long time one, the world is full of temptations, and around there are a lot of men wishing to get acquainted with the beautiful clever girl. If you regularly appear nearby, it, first, will frighten off potential grooms, and secondly, the girl will not feel loneliness and will get used to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team