How to write to the favourite guy verses

How to write to the favourite guy verses

The girl in love becomes sensitive, sentimental and romantic. She wants to give joy and happiness to all people around, but, first of all, to the favourite guy. Having conceived to give a gift or a surprise, prepare also the short lovely poem for the beloved. It is better to write it, but not to use templates from the Internet.


1. That the guy understood that the poem is your work, use special words which are those for you two. For example, it can be tender nicknames or epithets for the description of character and appearance of the young man. The poem has to be addressed to your darling.

2. Tell about the love and tenderness poetically. The work should not be long that the guy was not tired to read it. Perfectly quatrains or verses will approach a little more volume.

3. Try to write the philosophical graceful verse, like the Japanese hokku. These works both are romantic, and are mysterious, and are intellectual. The hokku highlights what you want to focus attention on. For example, sing of eyes, lips, the beloved shoulders.

4. It does not matter, if you do not manage to follow all rules of the composition of verses absolutely precisely. When the quatrain is written with sincere feeling, it cannot be bad. These lines you open the heart to darling therefore he will be touched anyway.

5. The shy ray makes the way on a pillow, gold Sparks in your hair. The love does not die away.

6. The gift is wrapped in brilliant paper, waits for you. Packing did not contain all my tenderness to you. Bury!

7. Show all sides of your talent, write different verses. Naive lovely rhymes will approach and childly: I love your smile, I love your eyes! Receive mine otkrytku a gift for you.

8. Call to the aid the nature, its beauty, variety and uniqueness to express the love for the guy. Wind force caresses me – you gently touched a cheek, the Sun warmed to me shoulders – your kisses are easy, the rain spring Washed away all grief – I see eyes yours, Gives a flower aromas – you inhale my joy!

9. Think up verses with continuation which will become your secret game with the beloved. It is my first gift, You open it rather, Follow strictly you according to the card, And you will find a gift of the second!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team