Latent depression

Latent depression

It is important to know that the latent depression is dangerous that it is very difficult to distinguish it, in the majority, doctors begin to treat symptoms, but not the reason of all events.

The mental disease of this type, most often, develops at collision of the person with any absolute obstacles on life. As result, apathy begins to develop, and constantly pursue the oppressing thoughts.

Symptoms of the latent depression

It is possible to refer the following to symptoms of the latent depression: the general deterioration in health, becomes difficult to breathe, dizzinesses, a skin itch, pains in various parts of a body, food frustration and other begin.

Happens and so that at the person several symptoms therefore it seems to it that he has several diseases at once are shown at once. What it is important to consider, clinical inspections will not be able to yield any visible results.

Treatment of the latent depression

Allocate two main approaches in treatment of this disease: psychotherapeutic and psychological. At the heart of a depression as show modern scientific research, insufficient development by a serotonin brain lies therefore intake of antidepressants is quite justified.

If external sources then it is necessary to combine drug treatment with psychotherapy are the reason of this disease. The psychotherapist can help the patient to cope with problems at work, family or some internal conflicts. The psychotherapy can solve even those problems which to the patient seem absolutely unsolvable.


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