Perfect appointment - what it

Perfect appointment - what it

Appointments are the best way in several hours to recognize the person closer. It helps to understand, you suit the elect or not and whether it is worth continuing the relations.

Most of people dreams to find the half. It is the law of the nature, and it is impossible to resist to it. But to find the, people have to meet, communicate. For this purpose also appointments were thought up. You were invited to an appointment. What usually the first reaction of the person? Correctly – nervousness. What to put on how to look what to tell about how not to look silly and how to prove to be only from the good party? Fast we clutch at the head, for five minutes we arrange panic (for stress relief), also fast we calm down and we make the action plan.

Preparation for an appointment.

The first and very important rule – the clean head and a clean body. If you want to feel confident, then surely take a shower. Accuracy – 30% of future success. Do not go too far in perfume. Abundance of perfume usually causes opposite effect – does not attract, and pushes away. The second rule – on an appointment you do not speak only about yourself. Of course, there is a wish to show the importance in society, but an appointment for similar not the place. Checked by many. The third rule which really works – be sincere with the vis-a-vis. Sample smiles, stock phrases – and your interlocutor quickly "self-destructs". But you do not want to achieve such reaction? Nothing so has the person as a sincere kind smile, honesty and interest in further development of the relations. Even if continuation of the romantic relations is not planned, it is possible to find the good friend, the reliable companion.

Where it is the best of all to hold an appointment?

At everyone the representation of a perfect appointment. Someone dreams of good restaurant, someone dreams of petals of roses which covered a floor. Ideal the park seems to some, others want to go to cinema. Someone wants to receive a flowers basket, and some in joy cheeseburger in McDonald's. And each of all these people will be right! The excellent appointment can be a miscellaneous. The main thing – that was interesting to people together, and their feelings were sincere. No matter, in what situation you decide to hold the perfect appointment – on a roundabout or to "La Scala". Relax, sincerely smile and derive pleasure from communication with the satellite. Be not afraid to seem silly, be not nervous. The attention and admiration are usually caused by self-assured quiet people. Did you read and took these rules into consideration? Great. With peace of mind go to your perfect appointment and you remember – rules of an appointment are dictated by you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team