The child contacted the bad company. What should I do?

The child contacted the bad company. What should I do?

"My child found to himself the bad company!" – this phrase can rather often be heard from parents. Unfortunately, this frequent phenomenon when children find to themselves the bad company. It is even worse when they begin to change not for the better: communicate with parents less, roughly talk, do not get on well at school.

Not all friends with whom the teenager communicates need to be considered unusable. For example, if guys go to torn jeans, sing all night long songs to the guitar, they have tattoos, it does not mean yet that they are bad. At teenage age children try to be distinguished from the peers, it is natural.

  • is afraid to acquaint you with the friends;
  • comes home beaten;
  • from it there is a smell of alcohol and cigarettes;
  • misses lessons at school;
  • begins to lie;
  • becomes closed.

Children during the teenage period are faced by two tasks requiring the solution: to learn independent and independent life and also to find the place in society.

How the child will solve objectives and in what collective, depends on basic data which the family and the parental house are. The reason for which children contact the bad company needs to be looked for exactly here. It can be:

  • When children are offended, they can communicate with bad companions to spite of parents. The reason of offense can be different: unfair punishment, bad relation or something else.
  • Shortage of attention. When to children of insufficiently parental attention, they try to receive it in any way. One of often met – disobedience. The teenager loudly listens to music, scatters about the room dirty socks. For it he can be abused, but the attention at the same time all the same will not be received.
  • Upholding of the point of view. When in family do not listen to opinion of the child, at it the self-assessment begins to fall. Then he looks for the company where his opinion will be considered.

The child himself chose this company therefore violently to forbid to communicate with it it will not turn out. Only it will be worse. It is necessary that he wanted to leave it. And for this purpose the above-mentioned causes have to be removed.

It is necessary to communicate with the child more. To be interested in his life, but not to try to control it. Just it is better to give advice, reasoning them, but not imposing. The teenager has to consider himself equal with adults.

It is necessary to discuss family issues with the child, to listen to his opinion. And if he is wrong, then it should be proved that he understood. The teenager has to feel that in family listen to him.

It is also possible to write down the child in section or a circle. He not only will be busy, but also will find to himself new friends. Then search of the bad company will disappear by itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team