Unusual gift to the girlfriend

Unusual gift to the girlfriend

Before a holiday the young people think of a question of a gift to the girlfriend. Like box of chocolates or a soft toy to give banal gifts already there is no desire. There is a wish to surprise the beloved with really unusual and memorable gift.

Gifts for active pastime

If the girl not from timid, loves adventures and actively spends free time, gifts extremes pleasantly will please her. The jump from a parachute, especially will become a remarkable gift if darling dreamed of it long ago, but was not able to afford. You can meet her below, shooting process on a photo or a video to keep memoirs. And you can jump with her in a tandem, shouting directly in air of a word about the love.

If you are not sure that such adventures will be pleasant to your soulmate, it is better to choose less extreme gift.

Flight by helicopter or a paraplane will become a fine gift. At a travel by helicopter you are in a cabin and if stop the choice on a paraplane, depart directly by air. You will be fastened to the device, and you will be able to choose a route and the nature of flight: a quiet or extreme, high or low, slow or fast travel - to solve to you. Unforgettable feelings and the long memory of this event of your darling are guaranteed.

Gifts with the image

The present, glossy magazine which is completely devoted to your girl will become a fine gift. There can be various photos, since its children's age, article about darling, a wish of the family of friends, their stories or the related ridiculous stories horoscopes and many other things.

You should apply many forces and to spend a large number of time for production of such gift, but emotions and joy of the beloved of it stand.

Remarkable gift to the girl – the photobook. Here you will be able to collect the best photos of your soulmate. Production of the thematic photobook, for example "Our eternal love", "The best travel" or "Our tomfooleries of the house" will become the fine decision. To surprise the beloved with not bad her own, drawn portrait which she will be able to hang up on a wall in the bedroom or the large room. It is for this purpose optional to conduct the girl to the artist before whom she has to sit not movably several hours. It is enough to find the good accurate photo and to carry to the master, and in several days to take away a ready portrait. Positive emotions and delight in eyes will prove to you that you gave really tremendous gift.

Star gift

Present to darling a star rather the certificate on it. It is pleasant to any girl to realize that one of one billion bright stars in far space bears her name. Also you remember that any, even the most usual in appearance the gift, will become unforgettable and original if it is correct to present it. It is possible to insert one gold into a bouquet of red roses and to present it with the words "My Feelings to You Will Die Only when the Last Flower in This Bouquet Withers". And from a box with the presented piece of jewelry several beautiful butterflies can take off. Love the girls and surprise them with unusual gifts!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team