Warm-up for mind

Warm-up for mind

and monotonous work often dulls our thoughts and mental activity. Our brain got used to perform the same tasks that prevents us to develop. Constantly being engaged in something in one, you do not feel all completeness of life because you force a brain to carry out the same tasks. However it is necessary to self-study and to strive constantly for new knowledge. Let's consider ten effective ways which will help you to become cleverer.

Make the list of books for reading

Where usually do people take new knowledge? Of course, in books. Finds the majority of new information of people from books. However chaotic reading books is inefficient. Therefore it is better to make the list of books for reading in which literature needs to be sorted on genres or scientific areas. Within this council it is recommended to learn to read correctly by means of a method of active reading

Solve puzzles

Puzzles only at first sight seem children's occupation. Actually, they are rather useful. Except interesting pastime they strengthen work of a brain and stimulate thought processes.

Learn foreign languages

Learning a modern language is the difficult process involving all elements of a brain. This responsible occupation on which performance not one month will be required. Except a good training of a brain you achieve also the practical objectives. Training in foreign languages prevents loss of memory in old age.

You watch clever telecasts

Despite popular belief that the television turned into continuous slops, a certain benefit nevertheless can be derived from it. There is a huge number of high-quality educational transfers which will increase your level of knowledge.

Study art

Each person at least subconsciously to seek for art, however not at all is for this time. And thanks to art it is possible not only to take esthetic pleasure, but also to improve the mind and perception. Try to study some genre of cultural activity of mankind, for example, the fine arts. Attend exhibitions, you watch feature films, listen to songs and compositions. It will allow not only to understand public and cultural processes, but also will allow to feel life completely.

Get enough sleep

At first sight communication between brain activity and a good dream is clear not at once. However by scientists it is proved that it is impossible to remember large volumes of information without good rest. The sleep debt is harmful to a brain, to get enough sleep properly, it is possible to receive powerful inflow of energy.

Eat healthy food

There is a large number of the products stimulating brain activity and preventing a memory impairment. Eat more vegetables and fruit, pay attention to greens and cereals. All know that seafood promotes work of a brain too. For activization of intellectual activity it is necessary to drink a lot of liquid: mineral water, green tea, etc. Coffee and chocolate in reasonable quantities will not prevent too, they are strong stimulators of brain activity.

Play computer games

This council will seem to much strange, however researches of scientists showed that the school students playing video games are highly appreciated more, than their schoolmates. During the game our brain has to solve cunning puzzles, carry out heavy quests and constantly make the hard choice. Certainly, such pastime - useful mental activity.

You watch lectures in Network

It is possible to find in the Internet literally everything. However a huge number of information does it difficult. Spend a couple of hours and find the lectures interesting you. It is a great option of self-education, considering that many universities begin to upload the materials publicly.

You strike up new acquaintances

Two heads are better than one. Modern technologies allow to bring a heap of acquaintances to short terms, without leaving the house. Even the fact of storing of all names and persons from your list of contacts on social networks is good intellectual warm-up. Besides accumulation of communications you also have an opportunity to learn something new from your new acquaintance. Also it will allow you to create strong network of working contacts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team