We improve the family relations: how to return the husband

We improve the family relations: how to return the husband

Parting of married couples - the situation taking place is quite frequent. Quite often treason of the spouse leads to such result. However even in a similar situation sometimes the thrown wife passionately wishes return of the husband. If to listen to a professional advice, then quite really to carry out it.

Leaving of the spouse family - a situation frequent. And it is quite frequent when similar happens, the thrown wife still has feelings to the husband who abandoned her, and she passionately is eager for his return. Sometimes she immediately begins to make the corresponding attempts, but, without knowing as it is correct to work, often makes the mass of the mistakes distancing blessed from it is final.

That similar did not happen, it is important to listen to a professional advice, it is even better - to go personally to reception to the family psychologist. The skilled professional will be able to make the recommendations concerning a specific situation as in each case of parting of spouses the nuances can strongly differ.

It is important to the left wife for to solve whether really she needs return of the spouse to family or she just does not wish to learn to build life anew and to look for new love. If feelings to the husband remained, it is possible to try to return him.

What was the reason of leaving of the husband, his blessed, seeking for reunion family, it is necessary to think over the action plan for implementation of such intention without emotions, with endurance and composure. Depending on because of what specifically there was a parting, the order of return of the spouse will be various. It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell that any methods will be effective only when the husband still had to the wife warm feelings, and at heart he aspires besides to what and she. If not other woman became the reason of parting, but fatigue of the man from an intense situation in the house, his spouse should undertake herself first of all. Certainly, she should not lay completely blame for emergence of such situation on herself, but also it is important to recognize the mistakes made in marriage. It is important to lady to remember whether always she behaved as the loving spouse and whether allowed concerning blessed the remarks or acts humiliating his vanity (and at men it is much more painful, than at women). Whether it from the interesting woman turned into the shrew who is not especially watching own appearance, but always able to reproach the husband with non-performance of any family duties? If so, then the woman has to trying to remember what she was when met future spouse. For what qualities he fell in love with her what in it attracted it? It is necessary to try to become such interesting and extraordinary personality again and not to forget about appearance. It is possible to go to gym, beauty-salon (to replace a hairstyle, manicure, etc.) and also to think up to itself fascinating occupation - any interesting hobby. For example, to be fond of a learning of foreign languages, a macrame, parachute jumps - yes of anything to what soul lies. It is important that interests stretched further work and the house. It in many cases will force grown cold was to the husband's wife again to feel that she to him is not indifferent. Though here it is worth getting patience: process of return to the normal family relations usually is quite long. Everything will be even more difficult to be if parting was caused by treason.

According to the statements of psychologists, a great number of men, having left to the mistress, secretly hope that the way for return to family for them is not barred. And once the legal wife uses it.

In this situation the discharge tactics recommended by many experts will be the most effective - in case in general it is possible to reanimate family,-. It is important to understand men's psychology. Leaving to another, the husband hopes that he will retain control over feelings of the thrown spouse. Her hysterics and plaintive attempts to ask him to return will suit it only. He will understand: it is possible to live quietly on two houses, and he will be accepted everywhere. However the wife needs absolutely other: that he came back from guilty and did not even look at the party. The wise spouse will not begin to act according to the standard scenario. Any tears (at least, in the presence of the traitor), blackmail - independently or through relatives - and other actions to which in such cases wives usually resort. The total composure will become its weapon. Besides, it should be crossed on a minimum with former. It is necessary to deal with the left husband only on the questions concerning the general children (if they are available). Even when the spouse will come to offsprings, it should not be present at this meeting. The wife will go to other room or in general from the house - on the affairs. She has to create visibility of eternal employment - and the fact that it has a new, interesting life. It she will show to the traitor: he - not the center of its Universe, and the person who remained in the past. And it is impossible to give in on any attempts of the spouse to have a heart-to-heart talk. In addition, it is necessary to avoid in general the subjects concerning the husband in communication with relatives, acquaintances and friends. Blessed by all means will try to find out through them that the wife thinks of it, and such opportunity should not provide to it. It is necessary to ship it in a certain information vacuum concerning this aspect. It has to proceed up to that moment when the husband calls the spouse on a final conversation. Its difference from usual, trial, attempts to find out feelings of the wife will be in what here blessed "will press", without having allowed to leave and interrupt communication. Besides, he will really beg to forgive him and to allow to return (perhaps, will even kneel), but not to argue on it hypothetically. Here the spouse also should not show any feelings (especially pleasures) and to immediately expose the list of conditions under which she will be agrees to go for reunion of family. It should not contain any abstraction and consist entirely of concrete requirements. For example, that the husband came back from work in time, never corresponded, did not flirt and did not allow courtesies to other ladies, etc. at all. It is possible to add several other requirements - in particular, an opportunity for itself once a year to be sent by one on leave. Also it is necessary to mention what punishments will be applied in case of violation of such rules. That return of the spouse to family took place, he is obliged to agree with all offered terms. Will begin to bargain - it is worth thinking over finally to break up with him. It is important to spouse to remember: she is affected party, and the traitor not in that situation to make own demands. If reunion of family is carried out according to such scenario, the husband hardly still will allow a campaign "on the left". At it the thought will sit down at subconsciousness: any its mistake will finally alienate from it the wife.

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