What boys are pleasant to girls

What boys are pleasant to girls

Girls with interest treat representatives of an opposite sex, however to be pleasant to the lady, it is necessary to have all qualities of the real gentleman.


1. First of all girls look at appearance of guys. To them how the man puts on is important. Its things have to be tidy, hair are washed up, nails accurately and are close-cut. You watch the footwear as it is obliged to be kept clean. Pay attention to personal hygiene, nobody will want to communicate with the person from whom badly smells.

2. Girls love boys with good sense of humour. You have to be soul of the company and always have at yourself the whole arsenal of amusing and ridiculous jokes which it is possible to entertain representatives of the weak, but fair sex. With care treat the humour concerning intimate subjects. Girls, owing to the modesty, do not love similar stories.

3. Your hobby has important value in communication with girls too. The guys playing the guitar were always in huge demand for little girls. Recently the sport became rather popular. Girls like football players and hockey players, especially after issue of series "Youth team".

4. Besides, women want to see near themselves courageous, strong, but very careful guys. In communication with other young men you have to show courage and firmness, and alone from the beloved it is better to be soft and appeasable. Ladies like to feel the power over the young man from time to time, but also you should not go too far as the excessive spinelessness can do much harm to your relations, and your beloved will begin to dominate in them. The girl near you has to feel protected, but not think that the defenseless young man fell down her brittle shoulders.

5. One more important line in the boy is his mind. You should not be the boring and empty interlocutor. It is always more pleasant to communicate with the person who not only itself has some interesting knowledge, but also will be able to share them with the soulmate. Pay attention not only to the speech at communication with girls, but also to how you write messages in social networks. Texts have to be built competently, too nobody cancelled the rule of a punctuation yet. Some guys consider what correctly needs to be written only at examination or on a dictation, and here SMS messages and correspondence on the Internet can have any form. Actually, at acquaintance to the young man, girls look at as far as he is competent and educated. To nobody the general will want to have something with silly and not too interesting personality.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team