What does the real man have to be able to do?

What does the real man have to be able to do?

The man is not only biological and social concept, but in some way and a rank. And honourable it becomes only when it is about real man. He is a subject of dreams of all women, he is respected by friends and to be afraid foes. Accurate criteria of definition of degree of reality of males do not exist. But in many respects they are connected with requirements to what the real man has to be able to do.

Image of the real man

Long ago known truth: appearance – not the most important part of an image of the real man. He not necessarily has to be brutal and cool, the main thing that is noted by women - it is hardness in a look and the corresponding behavior. The real man always comes to the rescue, and it is even not about critical situations, and quite household. The man who cannot hammer a nail and poorly imagines how to use, for example, the screw-driver, can hardly cause reverential delight in the great lady.

What does the real man have to be able to do?

The list of what the real man has to do is not so big. But it is only basic abilities which are at top of rating of honoring at women. And them can quite be more.

Include in a standard set of what the real man usually has to be able to do:

  • to provide family, especially if already in it there are already children;
  • to use basic tool kit: hammer, drill, self-tapping screw, etc.;
  • to do small repair work: to glue wall-paper, to change traffic jams, etc.;
  • to fry shish kebabs, and ideally and to prepare quite tolerably;
  • to drive and to understand at the very least its mechanism;
  • to use skills of self-defense;
  • to give first aid;
  • not to be afraid to show tenderness and care concerning the lady;
  • not to depend on the complexes and public opinion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team