What means to love blindly

What means to love blindly

The love arises not in heart as lovers think, and in the head. A part of a brain is disconnected (frontal lobe) which controls logical thinking. And the person grows blind from love. He does not notice shortcomings of darling.

Blindly love not the person, but own idea of it. The lover idealizes a subject of the love. Does not see negative qualities of darling, and positive exaggerates.

Optical illusion

Scientists found out that they love not heart, but the head. During love in a brain there are some changes. First of all functions which are responsible for the analysis of visual perception are broken. The love blinds the person.

The lover is madly happy. Looks at the world through pink glasses. It occurs because the new area of a brain – a zone of love and euphoria opens. Also that part (frontal lobe) which controls logical thinking is disconnected. Because of it the lover does not notice shortcomings of darling. Dopamine level – hormone of pleasure and satisfaction increases. Therefore to refuse love experiences very difficult.

Love disease

Studying the causes of a love blindness, experts found out that the love of mother for the child and romantic feeling have the identical nature. With the only exception. The romantic love, unlike maternal, is followed by sexual inclination. It is caused by vigorous activity of a hypothalamus. Department of the brain regulating excitement. When the sexual inclination loses sharpness, the person in love begins to see clearly. The blind maternal love over the years does not die away. Changes in a cerebral cortex gradually become irreversible. Such love destroys mentality of the woman.

Victims of maternal love

If mother does not see the individual person deserving respect and understanding in the child, she loves blindly. Her child will not be able to become the independent, adult personality. To construct the happy life. Often blindly lonely mothers love children. They give birth to them "for themselves". Boys are brought up "mother's darlings", girls – ardent feminists. Imperious mothers are subject to blind love. In family such woman – the main authority. It operates the flabby husband and "obedient" children. Having broken loose, the matured children have a ball. Sometimes mothers who did not manage to fulfill the dreams and hopes try to embody them in children. The blind parental love depriving of the child of option is so shown. There are "kind" mothers who do not bring up the child, and blindly carry out his desires and whims. Encourage any tricks. The child spoiled by attention and gifts grows up the egoist.

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