What most of all concerns the woman after the divorce

What most of all concerns the woman after the divorce

The divorce in family is one of the most heartrending emotional experiences which is difficult for transferring both the woman, and the man. If to trust statistics, as initiators of stains a weak half of mankind in most cases acts.

The most common causes of a divorce

The prime causes of a rupture of family bonds are the following occasions:

- alcoholism of the second half; - domestic violence in family;

- treacheries and unfaithfulness; - full incompatibility of views, principles and interests; - calculation; - practical (household) and psychological unpreparedness to family life.

Whether women have a life after the divorce?

Whatever was family life which had to be stopped a stamp about a divorce, it first of all became for you useful experience.

After family bonds are interrupted, people have a revaluation of all values, priorities, change of the principles and new plans and the purposes appear.

Only those persons who are not afraid of changes in life manage to adjust the new free life after the divorce and treat everything that does not occur, as new steps in a ladder under the name "life". When family life behind shoulders, is two ways of development of further life. The first way is a loneliness. The way for people who are very tied to the past, for whom it is simpler to carry out all further life alone, than to be solved on new changes in further life.

Those who give preference to the first way, choose not loneliness, but ease, silence, purity, rest and freedom.

The second way is a creation of new family. It is to forget rather about old experiences, change of one with another quite often happens in the modern world, perhaps, desire to get new family which comes too quickly after the divorce, is more similar to euphoria, but sometimes it leads to a positive further outcome. As, marrying in the second or for the third time, the woman with vital baggage already treats family life more philosophically, making use of experience of last years, she is more sedate, obedient and clever that she very positively influences new family life. Women after the divorce, having received legal freedom from pressing household problems and obligations, at last begin to think of themselves darlings. First of all the divorced ladies renew the old relations with friends and acquaintances, begin to self-improve actively in professional and spiritual plans, carefully begin to care for health, appearance and inner world. The divorced woman never has to blame anybody for unsuccessfully developed marriage, for all of wine of circumstances and only. It is necessary to follow one simple truth – all people are worthy happiness, and, sometimes to find it, it is necessary to spend a little time.

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