What to do if the husband offends

What to do if the husband offends

To suffer insults from the husband – nearly the worst that the woman can make in this situation. However and to answer with aggression – not the best exit. Once and for all to solve such problem in the family, the woman has to show wisdom and manage to find golden mean.

To solve a problem, at first it is worth understanding the reasons of its emergence. Cases when men offend the wives are widespread, trying to protect the vital space thus. They thus react to requests not to be late after work, not to go on fishing with friends and for the other moments when the wife, from their point of view, imposes an unpleasant ban. In this case it is possible to try to agree with the spouse, to clear a situation.

Think whether you provoke the husband to insults. If this is soIf this is soIf this is so, you have to correct the behavior and it is obligatory to discuss a problem with the spouse.

The men dissatisfied with marriage or the life in general, often prefer not to say about what disturbs them, and to exhaust the wife humiliations and insults, breaking on her the evil. It is impossible to suffer the similar address, but it is possible to try to calm the husband and to explain to him that his words only worsen a situation, and do not help to solve a problem at all.

The most hard and unpleasant case – when the man offends the wife just because the similar behavior model was accepted in family of his parents. The experienced psychologist can improve situation in this case.

If the husband began to offend you, at first it is worth trying talking to him quietly. It is not necessary to raise the voice or especially to humiliate it in reply. Tell that would like to have a talk quietly that insults very much upset you.

Sometimes it is not possible to pass to constructive dialogue simply. In this case you can or ignore the words of the man, or in general to leave the room or even the house to calm down most and not to allow to offend you further.

Discuss with the man of the reason of his behavior. Ask to explain why he acts this way, and tell about how it is unpleasant to you to hear insults. It is not necessary to reproach or make scandal. If the husband is still too angry and cannot quietly talk, think to what your acts he reacts aggressively. Perhaps, you trod on its corns or offended him something? In this case the problem can be solved, having changed the behavior and having explained to the husband that it is better to replace insults with simple and quiet phrases about what does not suit it. If neither conversations, nor changes of behavior, nor communication with the psychologist, nor ignoring worked, and the husband continues to treat badly you without the reasons, objective on that, perhaps, time to think of break in relations came. To allow the man to hurt you and to keep family in which the spouse does not love, and offends the blessed, is not necessary.

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