What to do that the young man fell in love with you

What to do that the young man fell in love with you

To force someone to fall in love with itself it is impossible. However in your forces to correct own behavior so that to look more attractive in the opinion of the guy who to you is very nice.


1. First of all you should pay attention to own attitude towards yourself. Think whether enough you appreciate yourself as the personality, whether you treat yourself with due respect. To cause love of the young man, it is necessary to accept the femininity and to develop it. You remember, love for yourself and an adequate self-assessment - important qualities for the girl who wants to arrange the private life.

2. Find harmony between soul and a body. You have to understand and feel yourself well. Then it by all means will affect your behavior, and you will begin to fix more than enthusiastic men's eyes. Content themselves, the lack of the internal conflicts and troubles distinguish the woman who can easily cause sympathy in the young man.

3. Work over the appearance. Think what can be improved in it and what to emphasize. It is worth doing it not only to become more beautiful. Work on the body, a face and hair give you additional confidence in own female charms. Therefore it will be easier for you to cause warm feelings in the representative of an opposite sex.

4. You monitor the movements, intonations. Remember that most often men are pushed away by the hysterical, whimsical and clamped girls. Make so that your gait was free, gestures did not seem inappropriate and unfinished, and the bearing always differed in frankness. The graceful woman can count on interest from young people.

5. Develop the talents. Something has to distinguish you from other women that nice to you the young man noticed you. Be yourself, it is not necessary to adapt to its interests and to turn into other girl. Sooner or later the truth will come up outside, and your elect will be disappointed. Know better if you have with the guy any common ground, and focus on them.

6. If you started acquaintance and the series of appointments began, try to be at the best. Interest life of the young man more, it will flatter him. Too tell about yourself quite frankly, then the guy will not think that you hide something. However some innuendo can intrigue the man, and he will want continuation of the novel.

7. Get rid of addictions if you smoke or you abuse alcoholic drinks. The young man can spend some time with such girl. But if you want the serious relations with continuation, true love, it is better to refuse these harmful and not womanly addictions.

8. Develop your relations, but you do not force an event. It is important to show the interest in relation to the guy, but not to be given too quickly. Unfortunately, your young man can not estimate your devotion and devotion at early stages of your novel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team