Whether it is possible to forgive treason?

Whether it is possible to forgive treason?

How the man loved the woman whatever circumstances in his life were, but treason will always wound his heart, cuts to the quick and forces to reconsider the relation to an opposite sex. Whether it is possible to forgive treason, it will be told in this article.

Whether to forgive treason?

The question this not idle also rises before the partner the first minute. During the numerous researches of psychologists in this area it was established that men forgive traitresses much less often, than women of the partners descending on the left. Also put here not only that the weaker sex is more dependent on strong in the material plan. Women realize polygamy of men and allow their physical extramarital affair, the main thing – that the man was near and continued to love their one.

Men have everything on the contrary. Treason strikes their vanity and a self-assessment first of all as male. Whether for him the question is not necessary it is possible to forgive betrayal of the wife just because further he will not be sure of the forces, that he is capable to satisfy further sexual requirements of the second half, and therefore it leaves, making room to more capable partner in this plan. And having even remained, his head will be occupied with this obsession, he will not be able just to forgive such slap in the face and sooner or later will leave, or will lift the self-assessment on the party, changing.

How to be - will prompt behavior of the woman

A lot of things will depend on behavior of the woman and circumstances under which this treason happened. Many men allow presence at the woman of another or even others at a stage of formation of the relations. Everyone has the right for the choice, and the man gives to the woman the chance to be defined before making the final decision. Men claim that if strongly you love, it is possible to forgive the treason which happened, so to speak, for health. It when partners are forced to be in the distance from each other and everyone quietly satisfies the sexual requirements on the party, and then couple reunites indifferently.

Many answer positively the question concerning whether it is possible to forgive treason of darling if children, the adjusted life and so forth keep in family. The man confident in the male unattractiveness and insolvency will hardly look for something else. He will prefer to close eyes and not to notice obvious things, expecting when the wife has done with the youthful follies and will return to family. By the way, as practice shows, such way works better than scandal, especially if the man makes efforts and will make everything to return darling. Anyway everyone solves it for himself depending on the developing situation and degree of affection for the partner.

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