Who such masons and what they are engaged in?

Who such masons and what they are engaged in?

Freemasonry – the ancient movement which ethics and philosophy relies on beliefs of free bricklayers. Today this current plays a huge role in policy, economy and other aspects of life of mankind. Who such masons and what they are engaged in, it will be told in this article.

What is the freemasonry, and who such masons?

The first mentions of brotherhood belong to 643. During an era of a gothic style enormous church buildings were built, and the workers and artists who are engaged in construction lodged near constructions and entered close communication. In official acts of the English masons called "Freemason" from where and the name of brotherhood went. However there are also other theories of origin of freemasonry. In particular, it agrees one of them masons occurred from Templars and for this reason closely are connected with them.

Organizational form of brotherhood – a bed. In one country the great box can be only one and local boxes submit to it. Great boxes can how to recognize each other, and is not present, depending on following to ancient rules. These rules were formed for centuries and concern the relations between members, reception of new companions, permission of disputable situations and other. Of course, modern masons are bricklayers not of humble origin. With the termination of construction of Gothic cathedrals the brotherhood could break up, but rich and erudite people began to enter it, bringing with themselves the progressive ideas.

Belief and religion

Those to whom it is interesting to whom masons worship can answer that to nobody it is concrete. In a bed discussions about policy and religion are banned, and each of members can have any religion and also to be also an atheist. However, the attention to religion is welcomed because own moral and ethical system and philosophy uses faith of the members in God for formation of such qualities as virtue, love for the neighbor, nobility. Those to whom it is interesting that is done by masons can answer that one of their virtues work on advantage of society is considered. They participate in various charity events, etc.

How does communication and meetings happen?

Meetings are held in a ritual form which at each box can be the. At the same time tools of medieval bricklayers – compasses, the square, a plumb, a trowel, etc. are used. On the level of personal development it is possible to understand to what degree the member of brotherhood – to pupils belongs, to a journeyman or the Master to the mason. The person entering a box passes these degrees consistently. The first means profound self-knowledge, the second – studying the world around, and the third is devoted to subject of death as which basis the death story of the Master Hiram is taken. He was the legendary head of construction of the temple of Solomon.

Masons identify each other from special signs, gestures and handshakes. Members of brotherhood are obliged to keep freemasonry secrets, to work as civilized members of society, to submit to the law of the Highest Being and that country where they live. It is impossible to deceive brothers, and here the help is each other welcomed. There are no official data on any physical punishments, but to temporarily suspend membership, to exclude someone from it or the brotherhood can reprimand.

Masons see need for moral self-improvement and spiritual growth within the professed religion. Contrary to common opinion, the brotherhood does not replace religion and is not independent religion. Masons are quite often compared to illuminates. The last form the secret society free from mystical and religious prejudices and based on mercy, justice and rationality.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team