Why couple is necessary

Why couple is necessary

People were paired since ancient times, and today continue to look for actively the satellite. Couple makes plans for the future and carries out together all the life, without asking a question why it is necessary.

The relations of people have various character - from friendly to romantic. The last especially often are exposed to consideration by psychologists and people sometimes ask themselves a question - why me the partner? Yes, is also such who chooses loneliness in life. But the majority seeks for connection with other person.

Couple creation reason, first of all, it is worth calling the unconscious aspirations put in people by the nature. It is a reproduction instinct which moves males of animals, and desire of care of an individual some kind of, inherent in females. These impulses also push people to each other, forcing to create strong, and at times and not really, the unions. Initially the monogamy is not inherent in males, but evolution brings closer men to this form of relationship more and more. Now their task - not fertilization as is possible bigger number of females, and creation of the union with one woman.

At some people the instincts are especially strong, and they create couples because of desire to continue the sort. From men it is often heard "I want the son", from women - "I dream of the husband and children". The first means that the person understands that he is not eternal, life can break at any time, and it is possible to prolong the existence in time only by means of successors. The second statement belongs to feeling of feeling of inferiority, not full involvement in life. The woman seeks to fulfill the purpose, and before feels not comfortably. Besides the subconscious reasons of search of the partner, there are also social. That is people unite in the unions not to be allocated, conduct life as at all because it is so accepted. It is accepted and start a family, to give birth to children, to live together. Search of the soulmate belongs to search of sense of stability, balance, balance of lives. In couple of people looks for the reflection, a kindred spirit, that on whom it is always possible to rely and who will never deny assistance. Therefore creation of the relations - also continued support of each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team