Why men are afraid of women

Why men are afraid of women

The nursery and even teenage shyness of boys before little girls is absolutely natural that still the English writer D.G. Lawrence in the sensational novel "Lady Chatterley's Lover" precisely noticed. The reasons of this shyness there can be a set and, most often, they originate in psychology.

What to do with the woman?

If to address only physiological features of the person, it is necessary to recognize that the female body is far richer and more interesting men's. The first reason of male fear consists in differences between a female and male body. Yes, this reason looks children's and naive, but it is formulated quite so.

The thing is that the male and female body is arranged differently, and men very often are afraid to touch the girl, they can hurt her or it is unpleasant.

When Platonic love comes to an end and the time of kisses and embraces comes, the youth virgin, being absolutely "dark" in questions of physical proximity, is frightened. First, he is afraid of own ignorance and inexperience in the field of sex, secondly, of the structure of female genitals. Of course, such situation will seem to someone absolutely improbable, to be educated on sexual questions today not a problem, however it is not made up and is still shown even in the present.

By the way, in the unfinished "Novel about girls" of Vladimir Vysotsky it is unambiguously mentioned these problems in relationship between leaders in summer camps of Soviet period when guys, after elementary embraces, did not know what to do next, only vaguely guessing: "there has to be something else..." How here will not you begin to have complex and be afraid?

Men are afraid of clever women

One more reason of men's fear of women is connected with character and mind of some female persons. Before telling "yes" - in sense to agree to proximity or to marriage, some women adore tormenting the beloved, to sneer much and even to mock at it. And the malice and irony go not to each woman.

What man will like a situation in which he is tried to be exposed not to the best advantage, and even the person of near mind? There is also at guys a fear to be made a laughing-stock.

Men are afraid of clever women. With them a row sometimes it becomes somehow uncomfortable and even it feel ill at ease. Especially, mind, as well as language of some women, sharp, as if surgeon's scalpel. That is why those risk to try on "a celibacy wreath" or to remain "old maids". The rare man will suffer near himself strong, independent nature moreover and the intellectual.

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