5 myths about fitness

5 myths about fitness

As a rule, in sport, as well as in something another, there are beliefs. But in practice they appear no more, than the myth. And here the most widespread of them.


1. Most, probably, known is that on the stomach it is possible to get rid of fat deposits by means of exercises on the press. This deep delusion. It is possible to have the strong press, without having at the same time the slim figure. The person can't lose weight only in one place. For weight loss it is necessary to do everything in a complex that is and to do fitness, and at the same time at the same time to keep to the diet. And also to hold intensive cardiotrainings.

2. Many women are afraid "to overtrain". They consider that it is necessary to be engaged with the small weight, otherwise will become, excuse me for expression, "halok". All this full absurdity. In the female body there isn't enough testesteron at the expense of whom gain the muscle bulk of the man.

3. If you consider that availability of sweat demonstrates quality of the training, then you are deeply mistaken. Sweat is only features of the organism. It is possible to hold the qualitative training, at the same time almost without having sweated.

4. If you aren't hurt by muscles after the trainings, then it doesn't mean that you worked for nothing. It, as well as sweat, is feature of the organism too. Someone after fitness the excess movement to make next day not in forces, and someone as if "cucumber" as if at all didn't train. Each organism is individual. And in it there is nothing terrible and unusual.

5. Low-intensive trainings will help to lose weight quicker, you will tell. Here lie. The number of the burned calories depends on intensity. The less you stand move more, the result and efficiency of the cardiotraining are better. All above-mentioned only iceberg top. Before beginning to be engaged in something, properly study the subject of occupations that there were no such here silly incidents and delusions. Good luck!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team