"A great prayer — a move mantra, allowing to reach spiritual development

"A great prayer — a move mantra, allowing to reach spiritual development

Each person, as well as at each religion, has own way of clarification and knowledge. But, according to experts to clarify reason, it is necessary to address meditation. There are several types of such state which yield the results. But the most powerful effect renders pronouncing a mantra. And, there is not one form of such speech and everyone yields own result. The majority Krishna, and here uses a mantra to Chara what the form is, we also will try to understand today.


This mantra is considered great. It is made in Sanskrit and consists of only 16 words including names of God: To a mug (Divine), Rama (all-good), Krishna (Vseprivlekatelny). For the first time this text was mentioned in Yadzhur-Vede, in one of the sacred writing. To India this practice was brought by Saint Chaytanya at the beginning of the 16th century. Thanks to manuals of this guru, the text became popular and very widespread even behind borders of India. It was promoted by supporters of the International circle of consciousness of Krishna. And helped distribution of a move mantra Shrile Prabhupada, translated Vedic texts.

Whether you know? "Mantra" — not an empty phrase. In translation it means "clarification of reason", "healing of the person", "a reason push to the highest state" ("manna" — the person, reason; "Torah" — the highest reality, a star).

Value of a move mantra

In translation the meaning of this text sounds so: "Oh, the vseraduyushchy and attracting Lord. Oh, spiritual energy of pleasure of the Lord, carry away me devoted service to Sebha". For profane persons this phrase seems silly, but its essence such is. The arrangement of service is understood such as mother here serves the children cares and protects them. In this text "to serve" and "care" synonyms. Only in such understanding the text gains other value. In fact, it is necessary to understand a mantra so: teach me to remember and take care of you, My God, always.

Whether you know? Mental texts can be read only in Sanskrit. Any translation will be inefficient.

As it is correct to say and in what time

The Vaishnava Vedic text Kalisantarana-upanishad for full achievement of harmony suggests to repeat a great mantra of 108 times (it will take minutes 2-3). It is possible to read it as about himself (in mind), and in a whisper or loudly, singing or rapping out. Some claim that a good way of reading a mantra to register it. But that the text really had effect, it is necessary to believe in its action. The inquisitive mind for certain will ask a question: why 108 times.

Learn about such known mantras as: Ohm attract Padme khoum, Har har har har har mugs and Ganesha's mantra.

Everything is very simple: this number in the Buddhism is considered sacred:

  • 1 the sign of the Highest energy;
  • 0 a wreath of Divine creation;
  • 8 eternity and inviolability.

It is important! Not to get off, during reading it is possible to use beads from 108 elements.

Beginner before starting directly to a move mantra, it is recommended to download for a start an audio recording (it is necessary to listen quietly and several times) or to watch video. It is desirable to be trained previously. Main rule: singing should not break. Certainly, small pauses are allowed, but only between words, without breaking off sounds of the mental text. In a hurry or on the run it is undesirable to read practice. For reading it is better to choose the comfortable place and to have enough time in a stock.

Important! Try not to include internal dialogue, about himself it is impossible to talk. This basic position of meditation.

Ideal poses for the Move: Siddhasan, Padmasan, Ardh Padmasan, Sukhasan and Vadzhrasan. But it is possible, of course, and to take place in a chair. Before reading take several deep and slow breaths the body so relaxes and the reason is adjusted for work. It is better to practice early in the morning, at dawn. Our mind while we only wake up, is still quiet and is freely adjusted on meditative practice. When reading the back has to be a straight line, the body is relaxed, eyes are closed.


Move mantra has quite plain text which any can remember:

  • To Chara Krishna to Chara Krishna,
  • Krishna Krishna to Chara to Chara,
  • To Chara of Ram to Chara of Ram,
  • Ram Ram to Chara to Chara.

But huge force is behind this simplicity.

Whether you know? Followers of Hinduism believe that the human body consists of 5 elements: air, air, fire, water and earth. After death these elements have to return to the nature therefore deceased are subjected to traditional cremation.

Action of a move mantra

It is considered that not only chanting and repetition of this text, but also its listening lifts consciousness practicing to much highest spiritual level. In other words, when reading the reason is cleaned from various negative thoughts and wordly vanity. The practicing people are sure that this mantra gives freedom and happiness. Besides, it cures sincere wounds, helps to struggle with difficulties, is capable to give an impetus of internal energy. But it — in case of regular practice.

Important! The best effect can be reached, having in passing refused alcohol, drugs, animal food, gamblings, intimate relations out of marriage.

Summing up the result, with confidence it is possible to tell that mantras — the high and effective tool for mental practice. Having released and having clarified the spiritual sphere, it is possible to improve life. When you try technology of meditation, will surely notice surprising changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team