"Are wise for all occasions or What is yoga of fingers

"Are wise for all occasions or What is yoga of fingers

The human body is a well of secrets. And sometimes ourselves do not know about its true opportunities. Still for a long time special significance was attached to hands. It is considered that they have not only physical force, but also spiritual: through them there pass channels which tie among themselves internals and external energy. But to be able to influence correctly the organism, special gestures are necessary — are wise for all occasions — they are carried out for health, by findings of material benefits or if the person has the most treasured desire.

What is it?

These are special gestures which are called still yoga for fingers, they have property to change mood, a mental state. Thanks to them it is possible to find concentration or relaxation, to cure a disease or to receive necessary energy.

Whether you know? As a rule, to wise refer only gestures for fingers, however the movement of eyes, a mimicry and even breath are also related to them.

They say that already at the initial stage of application of these the practician is visible result:

  • health improves;
  • intellectual development increases;
  • the aura is normalized;
  • consciousness extends.

Value of fingers

Energy of concrete body belongs to each finger. When crossing they intertwine.


Treats elements of Wind, sexual chakra, a brain, the planet Mars, blue color.

The top of a finger is connected with a gall bladder, the lower part — with a liver. Massage of a finger promotes improvement of functions of a brain, a limfosistema.


Corresponds to elements of Fire, throat chakra, Jupiter, blue color.

The top is intestines (thin), the middle — heart area. Massaging is good for a stomach, a backbone, contributes to normalization of nerves.


Treats elements of Earth, Manipur (pupkovy chakra), to Saturn and Earth, violet color.

The top belongs to a stomach, a spleen. Massazhirovaniye well influences intestines, overcomes allergic reactions.


Interconnected with metal, Adzhna (frontal chakra), the Sun, bright-red color.

Top — intestines (thick), the middle — lungs. Thanks to a massazhirovaniye, the liver, an endocrine system work better, the depression cleans up.

Little finger

Corresponds to elements of Water, Anakhaty (warm chakra), Mercury, green color.

Top — mochevik, the middle — kidneys. Massaging of a finger well is reflected in a cardiac muscle and intestines (thin), removes phobias.

Important! Are wise for health it is necessary to choose, considering a concrete disease.

The main are wise: their value and correct equipment

Depending on desirable result, it is necessary to carry out various combinations, obligatory two hands.

It will be interesting to you to learn, about such types of yoga as: Ayengara, Kundalini, yoga-dance "Mandala", Bhakti yoga, prana yoga, Atma Kriya of the Yogi, Kriyya-yoga

Shankh Mudra (Sink)

Has good influence at throat diseases, strengthens vocal chords. It is especially good to combine it with a mantra of "Ohms".

Put hands in the form of a shell. Four fingers of the right hand take a thumb left, and a thumb of the right hand — touch a middle finger left (it is not necessary to stseplivat them).

Surabkh It is wise (Cow)

Promotes treatment of rheumatism, articulate inflammations.

The little finger on the left hand touches anonymous on right, and a little finger on right — to anonymous left. The average finger of the right hand adjoins index left, and average of the left hand — to index right. Big — not to rastopyrivat.

Gian Mudra (Knowledge)

The universal method against an unrest in soul, sleep disorders, a hypertension, orders thoughts, aggravates memory and grants optimism. Buddha is often drawn with the palm representing this gesture.

The forefinger has to touch slightly a tip big — straighten the others, do not close them.

Shunya Mudra (Sky)

Intends against ear diseases and for people with bad hearing. Happens that some ten minutes later from the beginning of exercise, hearing improves, and after constant application the ear diseases almost completely pass.

Bend a middle finger — it has to adjoin the basis big, and big to press average — hold the others straight lines, reject tension.

To Wai Mudra (Wind)

Weakens "wind" (it happens, for example, because of rheumatism, trembling of hands, a neck or the head) in a body. Improvement is observed ten hours later. In the presence of chronic diseases, carry out it in turn with a prana, and stop only when the illness ceases to be shown.

Bend a forefinger, let it a small pillow will touch the basis big, at this moment pressing index. Others — straight lines, not intense.

Important! It is necessary to do similar exercises with a pure soul and belief (for example, believing that certain gestures will help to find to you knowledge or to recover). Otherwise, except warm-up, they will not bring necessary result.

Ling Mudr (Lifting)

It is good during cold, pneumonia, makes active all forces for protection of an organism. Besides, promotes fight against excess weight, but only if the person surely does a mudra, combining it with a diet: for 24 hours to drink a lot of clear water — at least eight cups, to eat a lot of rice, yogurt, a citrus, bananas. Very long time because of possible development of indifference to everything is not recommended to do it.

Close palms, weave fingers — one of thumbs has to cover index and big the second hand.

To Apang Wai Mudra (the Saving Life)

This mudra is considered the saving life. Apply it at heart attacks (and other heart troubles), and it becomes immediately easier for the person.

Bend an index finger — a tip he will touch the bases big. And average, anonymous and big — each other, the little finger is not bent.

Prana Is wise (Life)

Levels power, increasing human activity. It is used at exhaustion of an organism or at strong fatigue. Also it is favorable for sight. It is still recommended to people with the loosened mentality.

Connect anonymous, big fingers, a little finger — leave others straight lines.

Pritkhv It is wise (Earth)

Approaches against mental dissonances, prevents a stressful state, counteracts internal uncertainty.

Close small pillows of big and anonymous fingers, having slightly pressed. Leave the remained fingers straight lines.

Apana Mudra (Energy)

Anesthetizes, cleans a human body at poisonings, a hangover, problems with an urinogenital system, etc.

Close average, anonymous and big fingers — leave others straight lines.

Whether you know? In the American army instead of morning exercises practice yoga.

That a body and, the main thing, spirit were healthy and developed, carry out these practicians. But you remember: they need to be done not as separate exercises, and in a complex — together with mantras and other practicians. If you only begin to get acquainted with all this, for a start surely learn that you it are wise and for what they are necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team