As athletes pump up hands by means of dumbbells

As athletes pump up hands by means of dumbbells

Big hands at the man it is the indicator of its force. In realities of our reality many people just don't have time for visits of gym for maintenance of in shape. But it is possible to be engaged at home, having bought dumbbells that will save a lot of time and means. As to pump up hands having couple the dumbbell and half an hour it is free time?


1. To pump up hands dumbbells perform exercises for the triceps, the biceps and deltoid muscles. Don't forget about forearms. In the beginning perform exercises for deltoid muscles, then you pass to the biceps, and then study the triceps. Perform each exercise in 3 approaches till 8-12 of repetitions. And, if you reduce the number of repetitions, then will build up muscle bulk. And if to increase, then work will be more "on the relief". Increase the mass of dumbbells as soon as you are able to execute the chosen number of repetitions in three approaches.

2. Work deltoid muscles the dumbbell press standing. As option, you can perform this exercise sitting on the chair. Take dumbbells and raise them to shoulder height. Squeeze out them over the head with the powerful exhalation. Smoothly return them to the home position and make the breath. Also the dumbbell press can be carried out each hand alternately. Further execute "distributing" of dumbbells. The home position – hands along the body together with dumbbells. Part hands in the parties, having a little bent them in elbows, and make the exhalation. Return to the home position, having made the breath.

3. Work the biceps raising of dumbbells. The home position – legs at the level of shoulders, hands with dumbbells are extended along the body. Bend hands in elbow joints, at the same time developing (supinating) the brush to itself. During rise of burdening exhale. Return to the home position. Execute the necessary number of repetitions and you pass to study of the triceps. The home position – the case parallel to the floor, the right leg is set aside back, the dumbbell in the right hand is perpendicular to the floor, the shoulder parallel to the floor, the elbow is taken away sideways by 45 degrees concerning the case, the left hand in the emphasis on the left knee. Execute extension of the hand in the elbow joint. During extension do the exhalation and when you return the dumbbell in the home position, you take the breath. After performance of the set number of repetitions, receive the symmetric home position and perform exercise by the left hand. Further pass to the following exercise. Put forearms on the bench so that palms were developed on you. Take dumbbells in wall-paper of the hand. Lower and lift dumbbells hands. After execute the set number of repetitions, turn forearms on the back and complete exercise.

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