Effective exercises for hands with dumbbells

Effective exercises for hands with dumbbells

To brag of a beautiful relief of hands, it is necessary to make enough efforts, persistence and patience. Power trainings and, in particular, exercises with use of dumbbells can help with this hard business. In article it will be a question of features of such occupations.

Anatomy of muscles of hands

Muscles of the upper extremities can be divided into 2 categories: muscles of a forearm and muscle of a shoulder. The first category consists of klyuvovidno-humeral, two-headed (it a biceps) and also humeral muscle tissues, and treat the second elbow and three-headed (it a triceps).

Klyuvovidno-plechevye muscles help to operate hands and connect them to the case of a body. The biceps is divided into a long and short head. It bends in a shoulder joint a shoulder and in an elbow joint a forearm.

Muscles of a shoulder help to bend a forearm with an elbow. The biceps serves as an instep support at turn and movement of palms up, helps to raise a hand up and before itself.

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The triceps can be divided into three heads: lateral, long and medial. The long head on a shovel begins, and medial unbends in an elbow joint. The triceps helps to unbend a hand with an elbow and a shoulder joint.

Differences in a training of women and men

There is a number of distinctive features in the organization of the plan of a training. And business here not in the weight with which exercises, the number of repetitions or creation of a training are carried out. Distinctions are caused by purely physiological factors and also the purposes of fitness classes.

Let's consider the most important of them:

  1. The female body predisposed to incubation of future posterity is inclined to fat accumulation. Formation of fat stocks is not peculiar to a male body therefore for it the need for fat-burning trainings is not necessary.
  2. In gyms it is possible to see often how men exhaust themselves power trainings. This results from the fact that in their blood high content of testosterone. Women work often at half strength, sometimes even not too troubling themselves: thus their organism tries to protect itself from loss of excess energy.
  3. For the man norm are 6–8 sets, and for the woman will be enough and 4–5, but with the minimum rest between them. If the woman loads herself, making 10 repetitions, as well as the man, then load of muscles will be less and, respectively, the volume of fat will not leave so quickly. Such distinction is explained by the fact that female muscles of an upper body consist of smaller amount of fibers.
  4. On structure of a body at women of a leg have the same building, as well as at men therefore it is rather easy to pump up this part of a body for them what you will not tell about hands. To make beautiful the body, it is enough to woman to hold 3 trainings in 7 days, at the same time having distributed them so — two trainings on hands and one on the lower part of a trunk.
  5. The widespread myth is the statement that it is rather good to ladies to pump over groups of muscles of legs and a basin. However, studying only them, it is easy to achieve a body disproportion. For burning of excess calories the women need longer trainings and though a set of exercises will be the same, but technology of performance cardinally differs.

Whether you know? Training the top part of pectoral muscles, the woman can tighten and improve a shape of a breast in general.

  1. One more important difference can be considered features of a metabolism. At women excess carbohydrates are easier laid in fatty tissues and as they have in general less muscles, the glycogen which in fact is surplus of the glucose which is laid in muscles is to a lesser extent developed. Thus, to girls more strict rules as regards a diet are shown.

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Set of exercises for hands with dumbbells

To make attractive the upper extremities perhaps both in gym, and in house conditions. As a last resort, if you have no dumbbells, the bottles filled with sand, water or any weighting compounds for creation of load of muscle tissue will be suitable for your task.

Before the occupations estimate the physical condition. If you are sick, it is better to refrain from trainings not to do much harm to an organism. For girls of restriction for fitness are imposed also depending on their menstrual cycle.

Before beginning occupations, it is necessary to do warm-up carefully to warm muscles. Otherwise the training can become injury-causing and not such effective.

Important! A necessary condition for receiving an effective relief of hands is the healthy nutrition. If not to observe, pump up it a muscle it will not turn out any exercise.

Before trying a certain exercise, attentively get acquainted with the correct technology of performance, try several approaches with very small weight that in accuracy to understand how truly to carry out it. Incorrect performance is fraught at best with cancellation of effect of approach (for example when instead of specific group of muscles the loading is distributed on other groups), and even a trauma even with rather small weight.

If you felt that the set passes too easily and muscles got used to weight, then it is worth increasing loading a little to continue growth of muscles.

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On a biceps

The biceps training very strongly increases the general force of hands. If in the course of the occupation you want to give serious load of biceps, then it is better to do it not more often than once a week. Let's consider the most widespread exercises for a prokachivaniye of this muscle.

Alternate bendings of hands with dumbbells

The greatest loading in these bendings is the share of a biceps, humeral, plecheluchevy and front deltoid muscles. It is possible to carry out a set in two provisions — standing and sitting:

  1. In initial position of a hand are lowered and hold dumbbells, and palms are developed to the case.
  2. Taking a breath, the hand is bent in an elbow, however at this forearm has to be recorded.
  3. When the brush is almost in the top point, we develop it on 90 °.
  4. On an exhalation we unbend and we return it in a starting point.
  5. All operations need to be performed without sharp pushes or breakthroughs. We repeat the same movements the second hand.

The backbone during performance of a set is in vertical position. It is impossible to stoop or round shoulders, the breast has to be straightened. It is better to do exercise in the second half of occupations when muscles are rather warmed also the probability to be injured is minimum.

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Bending of hands by the successful fellow hammer

We do exercise to almost identically previous:

  1. Initial situation: brushes with dumbbells are lowered down. Palms are developed to a body.
  2. On a breath we bend a hand in an elbow joint. Carrying out a set it is necessary to watch position of a forearm which has to be motionless.
  3. We do not develop a brush in the top state on 90 °.
  4. On an exhalation we return a hand in the initial point.
  5. Weight at the same time is distributed evenly between two-headed and humeral muscles therefore in exercise it is possible to take big weight, than in previous.

Besides, in this training the serial bending of hands is allowed.

Important! This occupation is more useful to the beginning athletes, than bending on Scott's bench or on the mainframe.

The concentrated raising of a dumbbell

In the considered exercise bicepses and humeral muscles work generally.

  1. For convenience sit down from dumbbells in a hand on a bench.
  2. To record an elbow, having pressed it to hip inside. The back is in neutral situation, the shoulder is perpendicular to a floor.
  3. On a breath the extremity is bent in an elbow and on an exhalation returns to initial situation.
  4. When performing special attention should be paid to the speed, amplitude and regularity of movements. For the maximum advantage of rises follows in the top situation where tension maximum to detain a hand for several seconds.

Feature of exercise is the big amplitude of the movement of a shell. It is possible to carry out a set as with a supination (brush turn), and without it. At option with a supination it is necessary to change hold of a dumbbell a little. It is better to take it so that it was closer to a thumb (that is to seize her closer to one of edges). It is better for Seth to carry out in the second part of a training, in end of a series on bicepses.

Raising of dumbbells on an inclined bench

  1. Sit down on an inclined bench. The more a corner between a bench and a floor, the less in the course of work pectoral muscles participate. For effective work on bicepses the optimum inclination makes 15 °.
  2. Dumbbells need to be held on each side. Palms are developed up, at the same time thumbs are located on an external head of dumbbells.
  3. Legs are well recorded on a floor. Straighten a breast, during all set the shoulders are not mobile.
  4. Hands are bent and unbent in joints, at the same time it is impossible to give elbows forward.
  5. For good study of biceps in the top point it is necessary to carry out a supination.

You can carry out a set on an inclined bench from a different angle, however it is worth noticing that at the expense of an inclination the range of movements increases and the stabilizing muscles are in addition loaded.

On a triceps

For effective work on muscles of the upper extremities we offer you the best exercises which will suit both men, and women.

Press lying narrow hold

  1. We lay down on a horizontal bench. To extend hands before itself, having developed palms to each other.
  2. Slowly we lower hands strictly vertically, bending them in elbow joints.
  3. When dumbbells reached a breast, without delay we return to a starting point and we are late for a while, at the same time to the maximum straining a triceps.

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When performing this exercise it is necessary that hands were most close. Well and of course, do not forget about the correct breath: the entrance is done when extremities rise, and exhaled — when fall.

Extension of hands with dumbbells lying on a bench

  1. Lying on a bench, extend hands before yourself. We hold shells vertically.
  2. We bend extremities on a breath, at the same time accurately we watch position of elbows that they were motionless, did not deviate aside.
  3. At extension we do an exhalation.

Training thus hands, you evenly distribute load of all heads of a three-headed muscle. This exercise is recommended to girls for lifting of hands.

Costing the French press

Exercise is carried out as one hand, and at the same time by both:

  1. Legs are halfbent in a knee joint, will defend from each other at small distance, situation needs to be chosen rather steady. A dumbbell it is necessary to take and hold it on the extended palms.
  2. When performing the French press it is better to give preference to a disk-shaped dumbbell which is convenient for holding. Palms at the same time look up.
  3. We place a part of a hand from a shoulder to an elbow near the head and we fix in one situation.
  4. On a breath we lower a dumbbell. It is better to perform this operation on a semicircle trajectory until the biceps rests against a forearm.

Forearm muscles are involved in exercise only. At an exhalation, straining a triceps, we come back to a starting point.

Important! Lower and lift a shell smooth movements not to do much harm to themselves, elbows and a neck suffer from the wrong performance of similar exercise.

Extension of a hand with dumbbells in a sitting position

  1. Sit down on a shop with an emphasis for a back. If the bench inclined, then is better to expose in the 15th tilt angle °.
  2. Foot on a floor, hands can be lowered along a body.
  3. Hands are bent, palms are turned to a body.
  4. We bend hands and we lift dumbbells to shoulders, at the same time we develop palms so that they were directed to a shoulder joint.
  5. On an exhalation of a hand return to initial situation.

At such training it is necessary to watch that shoulders were in a motionless state, and all movements were carried out only mechanically. It is necessary to work on the largest amplitude that the effect was maximum.

Extension of a hand back in an inclination

  1. Reach a steady position, place legs and bend them in knees a little, incline the case forward, at the same time the back remains to a straight line. In this set one hand will work — it is necessary to bend it in an elbow joint, and another for convenience can be recorded on a knee.
  2. On a breath we straighten a hand back so that it formed a straight line.
  3. On an exhalation we come back to initial situation.

Exercise will become the good end of study of tricepses.

Rules of a good training on hands

For obtaining the maximum effect it is necessary to follow several rules which will allow to increase result:

  1. Before the occupations it is necessary to warm muscles well. For this purpose it is possible to make an extension which will make muscles more elastic, at the same time probability will be injured by minimum.
  2. After warm-up it is better to carry out the first approaches, since small weight and gradually complicating trainings.
  3. As well as in any training, frequency is important. It is necessary to study muscles of the upper extremities not to a thicket than in once in 4 days or week. At the same time it is necessary to carry out each exercise on 3–4 sets and from 8 to 12 repetitions.
  4. The beginning athletes should carry out general exercises.
  5. It is important to observe technology of performance of exercises therefore whenever possible use personal trainings where the experienced trainer will pay your attention to all shortcomings of the equipment.
  6. If your purpose is to achieve relief bicepses and tricepses, then it is worth giving to study of these muscles some certain day. Do not forget that muscle tissues of the upper extremities work also in some other exercises.

Video: how to pump up hands dumbbells to Train a beautiful relief of hands vomozhno not only in gym, but also in house conditions — both the man, and the woman. It is necessary to begin work with warm-up, gradually passing to more difficult exercises, the main thing is to pay attention to trainings regularly.

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