Exercises with dumbbells for children

Exercises with dumbbells for children

Parents are always anxious with health of the children. Physical training is the quite good key to normal development of a children's organism. Active games and exercises 1–3 times a week will strengthen the child's muscles. You should not avoid occupations with such apparatuses as dumbbells. Let's consider, than they are useful to the child and when it is better to begin to be engaged whether there are contraindications and also we will in detail get acquainted with a children's set of exercises.

Performance of exercises with dumbbells for children

Of course, parents are interested not only positive impacts of these occupations, but also worry, kind of they did not do much harm to the child. Let's consider advantage and harm of exercises with the weighted apparatuses for a children's organism.

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Occupations with dumbbells will bring to your children the following positive results:

  • strengthen the muscles working for a bone and muscular system;
  • promote a correct posture;
  • lose excess weight;
  • such exercises can diversify any sports activities (run, extensions, gymnastics and other);
  • increase physical endurance;
  • help with process of growth of the child to formation of a good sports figure.

Harm and contraindications

At children's age there is a rapid growth, and excess physical activity including occupations with dumbbells, can negatively affect formation of a skeleton.

For children at occupations with such sports equipment there are certain contraindications:

  • it is not recommended to children 7 years are younger;
  • backbone diseases.

It is important! Before beginning occupations with dumbbells, the child should be shown to the doctor to exclude at it contraindications to such loading.

When it is better to begin and how many to be engaged

It is possible to be engaged in power trainings from 5 years, for example, carrying out squats or doing simple exercises on a crossbeam. Occupations with the weighted shells should be begun aged from 6 up to 9 years.

At selection of the first complexes with dumbbells it is necessary to consider that children of preschool age and initial classes have growth and formation of a skeletal system therefore it is impossible to give intensive loading with weighting. Optimum frequency of occupations will be two times in 7 days. It is better to alternate such loadings to other physical occupations — extensions, run, push-ups and other. It is better for children to choose exercises with orientation on strengthening of a backbone as during growth they are especially necessary.

Occupations have to take no more than 30-40 minutes together with warm-up and breaks for breath restoration. Good rhythmical music during performance of physical complexes will be useful. During such trainings the child should not be exposed to an overstrain, he has to experience only positive emotions from occupations.

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How to choose stock

For children it is necessary to treat selection of dumbbells responsibly. Boys up to 10 years can be engaged weighing shells no more than 1 kg. In sport shops the good selection of this stock of different weight and coloring is provided. There are hollow dumbbells, also convenient for occupations, which mass it is simple to change, adding to them sand or water. Such sports equipment is produced from plastic, vinyl or rubber. It is possible to find a set of dumbbells in sale with a weight from 250 g to 1 kg. Experts at selection of weight of these apparatuses recommend to be guided by calculation: 10% of the body weight of the kid.

It is necessary to begin with small dumbbells weighing 250 grams, initial loading has to be weak. When the child carries out all exercises with little effort, it will be possible to increase loading a little. It should be noted that loading needs to be increased gradually.

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Sets of exercises

We offer you three complexes of occupations with dumbbells. At first it is necessary to master the first complex, and 14 days later from the beginning of trainings to begin to carry out exercises from the second.

In few weeks it is possible to start the third complex. Then alternate occupations — time in several days work the first option of exercises, during the next occupations execute the second complex, and then the third. Before each occupation the warm-up for training of the child for loading is obligatory. At first the first half a year 3–4 times are enough to do each exercise, and then to gradually increase their quantity till 10-12 times. On classes in physical training the child is recommended to inhale through a nose, and to exhale — through a mouth.

Important! It is impossible to force the child to play sports at all. He should be interested, a row to work the same complex, setting an example, to include a rhythmical children's song. To praise for performance of exercises.


Before occupations the child should warm up, having executed the following exercises:

  • to run about on the place;
  • to incline the head in different directions;
  • to make moves hands — right up, and left down;
  • to execute body tilts back and forth and in the parties.

The first complex

Let's examine exercises of an initial complex.


To execute the following:

  1. To adopt the initial provision — to take dumbbells and to put legs on width of shoulders, having lowered hands with cargo.
  2. It is superficial to sit down, as when landing to a chair.
  3. To accept an initial position. The back during performance of squats should be held directly. It is still convenient to carry out it into the account — time (sat down) and two (rose).

Cultivation of hands

It is necessary to perform such operations:

  1. To accept an initial position, as in the above exercise. Shells have to be turned to legs.
  2. Time — to raise straight arms with dumbbells so that they were parallel to a floor surface.
  3. Into the account two — to return back, having lowered hands down.

Raising of dumbbells over the head

Operations procedure is as follows:

  1. To become in an initial position, having slightly bent the legs put on width of shoulders. To raise palms with the dumbbells clamped in them to shoulders and to press to them the backs of hands.
  2. To smoothly raise hands up, exhaling. For a start it is possible to raise serially hands, and then together.
  3. To lower hands with cargo in an initial position on a breath.

The second complex

This set includes exercises which are done lying on a bench and on a floor surface.

Squeezing from a breast

Becomes in such order:

  1. Initial situation — to lay down on a bench and to part the bent elbows on the parties. Dumbbells already have to be in hands.
  2. — to raise hands with weighting compounds over a thorax against the account of times.
  3. Two — to lower hands back.

Whether you know? Ancient Greeks called dumbbells хальтерес and used them not only as a shell for a raising of weights, but also during long jumps.

Squeezing because of the head

Operations procedure is as follows:

  1. Initial position — having bent hands in elbows, to place apparatuses by a nape. Elbows have to be raised up.
  2. Into the account of times — to unbend hands at the recorded elbows and to lift dumbbells up.
  3. Two — to lower hands in an initial position, again having bent them. Elbows have to remain motionless all the time.

Progibany backs, lying on a stomach

Operations procedure is as follows:

  1. Initial situation — to lay down on a rug a stomach and to bend hands in elbows, having lifted dumbbells to a nape.
  2. Time — to raise the head and a breast up, exhaling and having slowly caved in in a back. Someone from adults has to hold the child's legs.
  3. To fall by a floor, exhaling.

Whether you know? In England the dumbbells similar by the form on modern, bell ringers since the 15th century trained.

The third complex

Let's get acquainted with the last complex with dumbbells for children.

Bending of hands

Becomes as follows:

  1. To accept an initial position — to become directly, to hold hands with dumbbells at the level of a thorax, to put feet on width of shoulders, palms look down.
  2. To bend hands in elbows (at the same time or in turn).

Turn of the case with cultivation of hands

Operations procedure is as follows:

  1. To rise in an initial position — standing, hands with dumbbells are located along a body, feet put on width of shoulders.
  2. To turn a trunk in one party, at the same time parting hands on the parties.
  3. To return back. To repeat all actions, turning in other party.

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Stomach exercise

Becomes as follows:

  1. To accept an initial position — lying on shovels (someone has to hold the child's legs), hands with dumbbells hold near a nape.
  2. To raise a trunk, and then to lower on a surface.
  3. To monitor breath. When raising a trunk exhaled, lowering — a breath.


This exercise is done so:

  1. To accept an initial position — standing, feet to arrange at shoulder length, hands to lower and bend in elbows.
  2. To do jumps on one place as follows — legs separately in the parties, and then again together.
  3. When performing jumps to breathe deeply and exactly.

Completion of occupation

Loadings should be ended the exercise restoring breath of the child. For this purpose rather simply slowly to resemble several minutes, deeply breathing.

Will bring to children of occupation with dumbbells improvement of physical parameters, but in the beginning occupations consultation of the doctor as this type of loadings has contraindications is obligatory.

It is desirable to begin with age not earlier than 7 years and with small loadings and the number of repetitions. It is impossible that the child was strongly loaded at such occupations or was engaged contrary to own desire.

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