Complex of gymnastic exercises with a hoop for children

Complex of gymnastic exercises with a hoop for children

The hoop (also hulakhup) appeared in use not so long ago — in the middle of last century. The first half of the name sounds, as well as the Hawaiian dance an abuse, and the second is the English interpretation of the word hoop. Initial purpose of this subject was a children's toy, and after it began to use in sport and circus representations. Occupations with this sports stock are especially useful to children of 2-6 years. About it further.

Advantage of exercises with a hoop for children of preschool age

Hulakhup it is recommended to use during the occupations and for games in kindergartens. He is useful to you and at home for morning exercises and also to play with the child. The hoop can use from the earliest age. He will not take a lot of place and will help not only to strengthen health of the kid, but also to develop the necessary qualities in life.

Exercises with a hoop are useful to such active processes:

  • the correct formation and strengthening of a muscular skeleton (trainings with a hoop well develop back, chest, humeral groups of muscles, muscles of legs, hands);
  • development of motility of hand and elbow joints;
  • formation of a correct posture;
  • extension of muscles;
  • normalization and strengthening of cardiovascular and respiratory systems of an organism;
  • elaboration of the correct coordination;
  • development of motility, acoustical and visual memories of types;
  • correction of the main motive functions (forces, endurance, dexterity, flexibility);
  • development of feeling of a rhythm if classes are given to the sound of music;
  • formation of such qualities of character as endurance, persistence, discipline.

It is important! If the child has problems with a back, intestines or kidneys, then occupations with hulakhupy can do much harm. Consultation of the expert is necessary.

Rules of occupations with a hoop

For children of preschool age it is very important to choose correct hulakhup. It is known that the ring from metal or aluminum (especially at inept use) can leave bruises on a body. That is why the hoop has to be obligatory plastic — easy for the child simpler to operate. Besides, it, unlike heavy, will not be able to injure the kid. It is necessary to decide on diameter of this sports equipment also. For small children it has to be in the diameter no more than 50-60 cm. For children of the advanced preschool age it is possible to take hulakhup with a diameter up to 80 cm.

Choosing such exercise machine, it is necessary to consider build and growth of the child. Section of a ring has to be 1.5-2 cm. If hulakhupa are used on group occupation, it is necessary to provide sufficient distance between them.

It becomes in order that children unintentionally did not injure each other. Before work with a hoop of a muscle it is necessary to warm usual easy exercises.

Also recommend occupations to alternate to use of a hulakhup with others (for example, exercises with a ball or a gymnastic stick). It becomes in order that trainings with this stock did not bother children.

Whether you know? Roxana Rose could twist on herself hulakhup within 3 days and 18 hours. It is an absolute record.

Complex of morning exercises

It is good to use hulakhup during daily charging. It diversifies a training, will make it more interesting. The morning exercises are very important for the growing children's organism. It will give a cheerfulness charge per day, will lighten the mood and will strengthen muscles. Here an approximate set of exercises with a hoop (it can be done as in preschool institution, and at home):

  1. Hulakhup we hold on outstretched arms over the head from the opposite sides. Legs together. To rise on toes — a breath, to fall — an exhalation.
  2. Inclinations with a hoop. The stock is taken in the middle for its opposite sides. Legs together. The inclination down — an exhalation to rise up — a breath. Exercise is useful for a respiratory system. In the same way it is possible to do inclinations to the right-to the left.
  3. Turns with hulakhupy. It is taken for the opposite sides, legs at shoulder length. We press stock to a breast — a breath, we straighten hands and we do turn of the case to the left — an exhalation. We come back to a starting position — a breath. Turn of the case in other party — an exhalation.
  4. We hold a circle for the opposite sides over the head on outstretched arms. Squat — an exhalation, a starting position — a breath.
  5. The hoop is held ahead on outstretched arms. Exercise is in crossing through it, and then to lift up.
  6. To put hulakhup on a floor and to sit down in it in Turkish. The breath — a hoop rises up, exhaled — falls.
  7. The hoop is put on a floor, and jumps through its edge there and back are carried out (in a hoop and out of its limits).

To repeat each exercise 5-10 times. Upon termination of occupation it is necessary to restore breath.

Also it will be useful for you to learn how the child what has to be matins gymnastics for children, what exercises from yoga the most useful to the child correctly has to warm up muscles.

Games with a hoop for children

By means of a hulakhup it is possible to play cheerfully with children. Do it as indoors, and on the street. Children will be in the movement, to show emotions. Here several examples of such games:

  1. To give out to each child hulakhup and to explain how to do so that he turned on a waist. In order to avoid traumatism of children it is necessary to put at distance from each other. Let kids will try to cope with this task. Perhaps, from the first not at all it will turn out, but with each training the result will be better.
  2. To spread out several hoops on a floor at small distance from each other. The point of a game is that children on command jump from one hulakhup in another.
  3. Children are divided into 2 teams. At distance about 10 m from starting line for each group tags or other limiters are established. The first participant puts hulakhup vertically and on command rolls him to a tag, bends around it and returns to start, passing the baton to the following player. That team in which the last participant of team dokatit a hoop to the place of start quicker will win.
  4. Several teams can play a game (depending on the number of children). An optimal variant will be if in group of 6-7 people. Before everyone at any distance the tag limiter is put. On command the first player, holding a hoop in hand, runs to a tag, runs all over it and returns to starting line. Takes away the following child, and they do together the same. And so to the last player. That team which will quicker cope with a task wins. It is possible to diversify a game if the first player does not hold hulakhup, and is in him.
  5. Children are divided into 2 teams. Opposite to everyone the hoop at distance about 10 m is put. On a whistle the first player reaches a hoop, passes it through himself, puts it in a starting position and returns to start. All this is repeated by each player. The group which will quicker cope with a task wins.
  6. It is necessary to take hoops one smaller, than the number of children who will play. To spread out stock on a floor. The music is turned on. Children dance, and upon termination of a melody everyone has to run in one of hulakhup. Who was not in time, that leaves a game. Each time hoops become one less. The child who will appear in one hulakhup wins.

Already 60 years the hoop is popular not only as a toy, but also as sports and circus equipment.

Whether you know? It appears, it is at the same time possible to twist 300 hulakhup. It was proved by Zhdin Linlin (China) and was included in Guinness Book of Records.

Occupations with it are especially recommended to children of preschool age as during this period it is necessary to pay especially attention to their physical development. Note that at this age children carry out exercises well and qualitatively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team