How to teach the child to do chin-ups?

How to teach the child to do chin-ups?

Many young parents since early years impart to the child love for physical exercises. Pulling up on a horizontal bar is considered one of the most useful exercises for its growth and development. In this article features of training in pullings up, advantage and harm and also technology of their correct performance and preparatory exercises to them will be considered.

What is pullings up

So power exercise with a weight of own body which promotes strengthening of the muscular device is called. For its performance horizontally fixed crossbeam — a horizontal bar is used. Pullings up develop a muscular corset of the top humeral belt and a press, a muscle of a neck and hands. Consist in raising of a body on the hands bent in elbows to crossbeam level. Hands, shoulders, the case, a neck participate.

Important! Exercises with an additional weight are harmful to the musculoskeletal device of the kid. It is possible to enter them into the training program not earlier than ten-year age.

Pullings up for the child

Regular performance of this exercise renders invaluable advantage on the growing children's organism. There are also certain contraindications against its use in children's trainings.

Than are useful

Salutary action of pulling up considerably exceeds possible harm from this exercise:

  • operation of the musculoskeletal device is stimulated. Muscles of the child become trained, the skeleton becomes stronger and the probability of bone fractures decreases;
  • the endurance increases that is especially relevant for those who go to sports sections or lag behind peers at physical education classes;
  • the cardiovascular system becomes stronger, the volume of a cardiac muscle increases;
  • immunomodulatory action of this exercise allows to become healthy and resistant to infectious and catarrhal diseases;
  • the general physical training of the kid improves. The child who tightens the weight of the body can be wrung out with ease from a floor and bars, to master a rack and circulation on hands;
  • excess weight is lost, fatty tissue passes into muscular;
  • the correct posture is formed, salutary impact on vertebras and intervertebral disks is made.

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Possible harm and contraindications

This exercise can do harm only at its wrong performance. Pullings up on a crossbeam at such diseases are not recommended:

  • congenital pathologies and defects of a cardiovascular system;
  • chronic diseases of digestive tract;
  • obesity — excess body weight renders excess load of a backbone;
  • scoliosis, lordoz, hernias nuclei pulposi.

Whether you know? The seventy-year-old Korean managed to execute the greatest number of pullings up for one approach by the name of Shin Yoong. In 1994 he made 612 pullings up in two and a half hours. This unprecedented case was included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Features of training of the child

The ability to be tightened becomes the first serious sporting achievement of the kid. Not to do much harm to the child and to prepare it for the correct performance of exercise, it is necessary to follow the rules which will be described below.

What age suitable

To begin to accustom the kid to physical activities follows since four-five years. The earlier the child will begin to be engaged, the quicker he will learn to hold body weight on the successful fellow of hands.

Interest at children at this age unstable therefore involve it in sports activities in playful way and encourage for different achievements. Initial school age (7-8 years) — one more opportunity to teach to be tightened and strengthen self-confidence.

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How to estimate physical fitness

Begin check with the most difficult — ask the child to hang on a horizontal bar and slightly on it to be tightened. If at the kid it turns out to raise itself at least by three-four centimeters, then it is possible to pass to directly training in pullings up. The child who cannot be brought up has to hang on a horizontal bar as long as it is possible. Forty seconds — optimum result to start training. If the kid hangs on a crossbeam twenty seconds and less, then he will need the developing preparation. Buy him a gymnastic expander and accustom to swing hands at least four times a day. The expander can use during watching TV and reading books.

For initial trainings there are enough four-five weeks of continuous training. Children who are not capable even to hang on a crossbeam need two-three months of intensive physical education with use of run, push-ups and swings of easy dumbbells.

It is important! Before estimating physical training of the child, consider his state. The kid has to be well rested and quiet, it is necessary to carry out the assessment not earlier than in two hours after meal.

What place to choose for trainings

Pullings up in the fresh air — the best option for a training. In cold season and at bad weather it is impossible to train on the street therefore buy a horizontal bar or the Swedish wall and mount it in the nursery. A horizontal bar fix slightly higher than the level of the head of the adult in a doorway. Trainings in the gym will become additional motivation for the kid and will give it the chance to compare the achievements to results of his friends.

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Methods for training

In total there are two techniques which allow to train in pullings up safely and as soon as possible:

  1. Do not allow the child to jump and grab hands a crossbeam. Lift it for a basin or the case, help to grasp a crossbeam. When the child is brought up, slightly raise him that it finished the movement. Do not try to undertake loading — allow the kid to show a limit of opportunities. Regular trainings such will strengthen its muscular corset, and it will be able to work with the weight independently.
  2. Swedish wall. This way approaches for children over six years. Function of an insurance is performed in this case by an additional crossbeam of a ladder. Allow the child to hang on a horizontal bar, and then tell it that he put a foot on a ladder slightly higher than the level of knees. The movement will be followed at the same time by an emphasis of legs in a ladder up. In the top position it is necessary to hang slightly on hands, then to remove legs from a crossbeam and to fall slowly down, holding itself only on hands.

Whether you know? The record number of pullings up in a minute was executed by the American marine Michael Eckert. In October, 2015, being on a task in Japan, he was brought up fifty times in sixty seconds (and it is one pulling up in 1.2 seconds).

Complex of preparatory exercises for training of children in pulling up

Begin any preparation with warm-up to avoid traumatism. Let the kid will make five-seven rotary motions the head, shoulders, hands bent in elbows. Train him in twisting of the case and performance of a fold. Well exercise mill warms muscles. For its performance of exercise the child has to become directly, incline the case at right angle, then open hands and touch serially fingers of hands opposite a foot.


It is carried out in two approaches on half-minute. For its performance it is necessary to accept an emphasis lying, to straighten a back, to look directly before itself. This situation needs to be held during the specified time. Shoulders in a level have to be located strictly over the placed palms, and the waist — to be slightly bent.

Video: technology of performance of exercise of a level

Level on one hand

The position is accepted the same, as when performing a level. At the same time one hand is raised and keeps close to the case. It is carried out in two approaches, beginning from the short periods to 3-5 seconds and gradually reaching 15-20.

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Push-ups from a floor

Put the child in a level. Let he will part hands slightly more widely, than his shoulders are put. Now it is necessary to bend hands in elbows so that the case fell by the level of elbows. Such task: to lift itself in a starting position. Three approaches on ten push-ups are recommended.

Video: technology of performance of exercise of push-up from a floor

Lifting of a back

It is carried out near the Swedish wall or low furniture. Let the kid will lay down on a floor and heels will get a foot under a sofa or the lower crossbeam of a ladder. Now it is necessary to link fingers of hands, to bring them for the head and to slowly lift the case, caving in in a back it is as far as it is possible. Lifting is carried out three times on ten times.

It is important! If the child suffers from excess weight, exclude lifting of a back from the training program. The deflection in the waist burdened by fatty tissue can lead to deformation of plastic vertebras of the kid.


The simple and effective movement for disposal of excess weight and strengthening of muscles of a press. Lay the child on a stomach, tell it to extend legs and hands and to strain them. Then the kid has to raise at the same time them from a floor and be late in this situation for five-seven seconds. Repetitions it is allowed two-three. If boat is carried out correctly, the kid will lie on a floor only a stomach.

Video: technology of performance of exercise Boat

Pullings up on bars

Cheerful task which is pleasant to many kids. It is necessary to undertake hands one bar, and through another to throw the legs bent in knees. Now it is necessary to hang on hands and to begin to bring up itself up so that to touch with a chin a bar. It is carried out in two repetitions on fifteen times.

Video: technology of performance of pulling up on bars

Emphasis on straight arms

Static, but difficult task which is performed on bars too. The kid has to grasp a bar and jump up, and then hold himself on straight arms in the provision candle. Legs have to be cramped together, the waist is bent, the contact of a bar with hips is allowed.

Whether you know? A large number of pullings up in day is unique the American by the name of Shapiro mastered. In 2016 he went to an unprecedented record — executed 7304 pullings up in 24 hours.

Technology of performance of pullings up on a crossbeam

Long practice and preliminary training lead to the fact that the child comes to the physical shape, necessary for pullings up. It is necessary to carry out this exercise in several consecutive steps:

  1. Previously to execute short intensive warm-up.
  2. To make a breath, to jump up and grasp a horizontal bar.
  3. Sharp exhalation and breakthrough up on the bent hands.
  4. As soon as the chin touches a crossbeam, it is necessary to detain for a while itself in this situation, and then on a smooth breath to fall down, gradually unbending hands.

Video: technology of performance of pullings up on a horizontal bar

When to expect the first results

The effectiveness of preparatory exercises is very individual. It depends on intensity of trainings, desire of the kid to be improved, his primary physical training. The strong child of average height is capable to approach the first pullings up in 2-3 months, weak high growth — in 6-8 months, and with an excess weight it will be required to the kid over a year.

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Pullings up are an effective exercise which promotes improvement of physical shape and strengthening of all organism. It is recommended to train the kid for his performance from five-year age, considering at the same time physiological features and contraindications. Observance of all recommendations about performance of pullings up — guarantee of safe and fast training in this exercise.

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