Features of sprint

Features of sprint

Sprint is very popular type of track and field athletics. Such discipline requires good coordination and high speed of run. In this article it will be a question of technology of performance of sprint, we learn what the type of run and how many meters is the athlete needs to overcome.

Sprint distances

Long runnings differ from sprinting in distance length. But at the same time it is necessary to put as much as possible physical and psychoemotional stocks of an organism. Sprint is very widespread.

The task of the athlete is to overcome as soon as possible small distance which can make 60, 100, 200, 400 m. To win a competition, it is necessary to show the best speed and good movements.

It is necessary to run distance on the highest speed and not to reduce it up to the end. For this purpose the endurance is required and also it is necessary to follow rules of the technology of run.

Whether you know? The fastest person in the world Usain Bolt is considered — in 2008 it ran a distance of 100 m for 9.69 pages.

Correct equipment

Let's talk about technology of sprint. This discipline is divided into several stages.

We recommend to study features of run at long distances.


Let's consider on what distances run from low start. According to trainers, it is the most convenient to start thus at short distances. By means of such start the athlete is given necessary acceleration and also it can disperse right at the beginning to necessary speed. It is important to put legs thus: strong it is necessary to put forward, and weak — back. Hands have to be located on the starting line, the distance between them has to equal to width of shoulders.

When the attention team sounds, the weight of a trunk is transferred to hands and a front leg, shoulders slightly move forward, and the basin is raised to shoulder height. After the march team it is necessary as it is possible to make a start stronger and to move very quickly hands.

Running start

The following part of a distance — running start.

Important! The first steps are carried out with the straightened legs, making a start from a path, and feet have to rise not strongly highly.

In this interval it is necessary to increase as much as possible length of a step and its frequency. Only at long special training it will be possible. The good step at the runner is considered that which is more than length of the athlete's trunk on 30-40 cm. It is necessary to pass from running start to the run smoothly — the rhythm of steps should not change, and the body sharply is not recommended to be straightened.

To support a body in good shape try to be engaged a step aerobics, driving the bicycle, swimming, crossfity, in yoga, dances, gymnastics.

Run on a distance

Foot needs to be put on a front part. It is possible to touch by a path heel only slightly. The movements of the hands bent at right angle should not break a bearing — it can lead to run delay. On turn it is important not to lose speed. For this purpose it is necessary to incline the case a little to the left and to send to the same party of foot.


The line of the finish should be crossed at the maximum speed. You should not jump on a tape as it can lower time of passing of a distance. Before its performance at the runner the speed decreases and precious time is wasted on preparation for a jump. Only the experienced and well trained athletes can rush on a ribbon.

Whether you know? Every year around the world more than 1 billion pairs of running sneakers are on sale.

How to train for sprint

Sprint demands a certain preparation.

Start improvement

To improve start, it is necessary to carry out the following:

  1. Not less than 6 times it is necessary to train a signal on start — it is necessary to sit down, put hands near the starting line, to rest one leg against a front block, and to put another in back. A hind leg the runner has to become on a knee, and hands have to be at shoulder length and be on the line of start. The thumb of a hand has to be located in parallel to other four fingers. The body has to be straightened.
  2. About 8 times it is necessary to execute the attention command.
  3. On a signal march it is necessary to carry out fast run several times.
  4. It is good to throw a special ball from different provisions.
  5. It is recommended to jump from the place in length.
  6. It is possible to jump in length from starting blocks.
  7. It is necessary to run out under a level from start.
  8. It is recommended to run on a ladder and also uphill.

That starting dispersal became better, it is necessary to carry out jumps: on one leg, on two, from a leg on a leg, long jumps, in depth, jumps on a ladder and others.

It will be interesting to you to learn as by means of effective exercises it is possible to pump up legs quickly.

Exercises for run

It is necessary for fast run:

  1. To run as soon as possible on pieces of 60-80 m.
  2. To run from low start on distances 30, 40, 60 m.
  3. To run straight off on 30 m.

To develop speed, it is necessary to carry out the following exercises:

  1. It is necessary to run from the mountain of 50 m.
  2. It is necessary to jump from running start in length.
  3. For a while it is necessary to run on the place.
  4. It is recommended to run through barriers.

To improve a run rhythm, it is necessary to run from a direct path and to enter the turn and also from turn to come to a straight line. Cross run, 15-20 minutes is very useful to endurance.

Let's improve the finish

To learn to finish well, it is necessary:

  • at fast run to bend forward on finishing line with the hands which are taken away back;
  • to run pieces of 50-60 m as it is possible quickly and to accelerate on the finish;
  • to run from low start on 100, 200 m.

Possible mistakes of the beginning athletes

The beginning athletes can make some mistakes. Let's consider them.

On command on start athletes:

  • strongly bend a back;
  • widely place hands and too bend them in elbows;
  • very deeply sit down, and shoulders are located far behind the line of start;
  • raise highly the head.

Important! The head of the runner has to be hung, hands to stand in parallel, and the level of shoulders has to be over the starting line.

When the attention team, runners sounds:

  • lift highly a basin, straighten and strain legs;
  • loading is done on hands and lift a basin insufficiently.

Read also about the correct technology and advantage of jogging.

After the march team, athletes:

  • early raise hands up;
  • in the first step very highly raise a hip;
  • early and sharply raise the head;
  • on the first step take away at the same time both hands back;
  • on the first steps of dispersal sharply straighten a trunk;
  • too incline a body forward;
  • strongly reject a trunk back;
  • strain hands during run;
  • raise a hip insufficiently highly;
  • too highly raise a hip;
  • develop feet socks outside.

Before running on short distances, it is necessary to study technique of sprint and it is good to be trained.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team