Fitness at the dacha, or exercises with the shovel

Fitness at the dacha, or exercises with the shovel

Well at the dacha: fresh air, soft carpet of the grass. The sin to miss a chance to train muscles, to correct the figure. Didn't take apparatuses? Unless you don't know - at the dacha them much: the shovel, the rake, bottles with water of different tanks. To start exercise on study of buttocks, the stomach and side muscles.

It is required to you

  • Garden shovel.


1. Exercise 1. Put the shovel before yourself, hands hold it at the level of the breast. Legs shoulder width apart. You make bendings to the left, having left the right hand on the tool, and left pull to the left knee, having mentally recorded as muscles sideways stretch. Not to bend the right leg. To change hands. In each party repetition of 15 times.

2. Exercise 2. To hold the tool horizontally, the upper grip, hands are slightly wider than shoulders. Legs shoulder width apart. To lift the shovel up, feeling as side muscles stretch, slowly to lower. Repetition of 10-20 times.

3. Exercise 3. Legs shoulder width apart. Holding the tool horizontally, we put it on shoulders, necks are slightly lower. We begin to walk, vigorously overflowing the heel back, seeking to reach it buttocks. Mentally record tension in muscles of hips and buttocks. To repeat for each leg of 12-18 times.

4. Exercise 4. The shovel before you vertically. Lean on it hands and do leg swings sideways as it is possible above, directing the heel up. Exercise on muscles of hips. Repetition for each leg of 10-15 times.

5. We put the shovel vertically. Holding it the most outstretched arms, to bend down, the back parallel to the earth. Crosses the shovel tip forward, and to take away the basin back. Feel the extension of muscles of the back. To repeat 10-15 times.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team