How to adjust house trainings

How to adjust house trainings

Trainings in house conditions are the easy and inexpensive way to bring themselves into good physical shape and to maintain it. If you have no time or the opportunity to regularly visit the fitness center, begin to be engaged at home, and the result won't keep itself waiting. Especially as to organize full-fledged trainings, without leaving the house, not so difficult.

It is required to you

  • - free space;
  • - big mirror;
  • - rug for fitness;
  • - dumbbells of different weight;
  • - bodibar.


1. Before starting trainings, define in what room it will be most convenient to you to be engaged. The room for occupations has to be aired well, in it there has to be enough light. The room absolutely not necessarily has to be large – free space has to be enough completely to spread the fitness rug up to 2 m long. If you the beginner in sport not to do you without big mirror. It is better if the mirror to the utmost: so you will be able to control completely correctness of performance of exercises and will save yourself from injuries.

2. Get or borrow sports equipment from acquaintances. At least, you need the rug for fitness and small dumbbells. If there is the opportunity, get bodibar - the small rubberized post which is very convenient for use in house conditions. Bodibar is different weight – from 2 to 7 kg. You can choose bodibar average weight and if necessary add on it additional weight in the form of weighting compounds - "pancakes". Sports shops also offer the wide choice of dumbbells. Ideal option for the house – folding dumbbells, they take not enough place, and you will be able always to change weight, without buying new couple.

3. Make the schedule of your home trainings. The key to success is in regularity of occupations therefore you should take away for trainings certain days and hours. For example, the optimum schedule – trainings three times a week on an hour and a half. You can practice also shorter trainings, for example, on the hour, but having increased at the same time the number of occupations in the week. Define in what days you can allocate time, necessary for occupations, and include trainings in the daily log. It will help you to be adjusted for work on the figure in advance, and at you will be less temptations "to shirk" the training.

4. Choose the set of exercises most of which of all answers your purposes. If you want to lose excess weight and to tighten muscles, you will suit the complex of power exercises which needs to be carried out at fast pace with the minimum break between approaches. If your purpose – keeping fit, you can choose any set of exercises on all groups of muscles.

5. Keep the training dairy. It can be the usual notebook where you will write down days and time of occupations, exercises for each training, the number of approaches and repetitions in exercises. The training dairy will help you to monitor the progress and if necessary to correct the program.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team