How to become the muscleman

How to become the muscleman

The muscleman, he is the bodybuilder, he is the body builder – the athlete who is engaged in development of all groups of muscles for the purpose of formation of the beautiful, relief and brawny figure. To become the muscleman, there aren't enough several months of occupations, years of trainings are necessary. Though the first results are shown already in the first half a year-years of the strengthened loadings.


1. Simply the bodybuilding is the systematic raising of weights – posts, dumbbells, weights, occupation on exercise machines. However, for those who aren't 16 years old trainings with heavy scales are categorically contraindicated. First, because the lack of testosterone of the organism won't allow muscles to hypertrophy. Secondly, because too strong overloads of the skeletal and muscular device will inevitably lead to distortions in its development. And instead of the beautiful beefy figure easily it is possible to get the wrong bearing, the joint pain and the backbone, muscular clips. Therefore those who isn't 16 years old are recommended to use easy dumbbells, exercises with use of own body weight (squats, push-ups, pullings up).

2. It is very important to observe regularity of trainings and to have a rest fully between them. Ideal option – three short, but intensive trainings in the week 45-60 minutes everyone. For family people and those who work hard the number of trainings it is possible to reduce to the 2nd or even to one in the week not to allow overtraining. The surplus of power loadings is very harmful to the organism. Between trainings has to prokhodist 1-2 days for full recovery of muscles. As professionals speak, it isn't so important to load muscles as to recover them.

3. Strictly you watch quality of trainings. If you visit the gym, be not distracted by the unnecessary talk with friends. If you perform exercise, do it in due form. Try to give to the organism impact load during the short period of time. First, it will develop the cardiovascular system and specific endurance of the organism. Secondly, will allow muscles to feel shock which, in turn, will force them grow strongly.

4. Pay more attention to large muscles – pectoral, femoral, long and broadest muscles of the back. Even if to develop only them, less large muscles will develop by itself. If to swing only the biceps or the triceps, they won't gain big development. If to swing the breast, but not to be engaged in the back, it is possible to receive eternally round-shouldered figure. If not to swing the leg, it is possible to look as the buffalo on chicken legs.

5. The healthy lifestyle is 50% of success in body building. Refuse alcohol and smoking. Begin to get enough sleep fully, not less than 8 hours a day. Make the nutrition good and healthy. Don't shake on the hungry stomach: surely eat in 2-3 hours prior to the training. After the occupation – eat as much as necessary. Ideally, the athlete has to eat 5-6 times a day, but not such diet will be suitable for all. As sources of protein use milk, eggs, meat, oat and rice porridges, fish. As carbohydrates – greens, vegetables, fruit.

6. Extremely suspiciously you treat various nutritional supplements, dopings and other "chemistry". Of course, by means of modern pharmaceutical medicines it is possible to be shaken for only a few months. But in half a year the impotence, in the year – serious heart troubles on a visit will come. In a couple of years such "athlete" for health reasons won't be able to raise weights, "will be blown off" and will retire, on tablets. The healthy lifestyle and regular trainings will allow to brag of muscles up to the retirement age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team