How to pump up house muscles

How to pump up house muscles

Some amateur athletes have no opportunity to buy expensive subscriptions in gyms or the fitness centers. But the purpose to pump up beautiful muscles remains always. For this purpose it is possible to use also the home room. The rating of muscles in this case has the some features.

  • - drill;
  • - screws;
  • - horizontal bar;
  • - bars;
  • - cargoes;
  • - training rug.

1. Equip the horizontal bar and bars at home. If you have no opportunity to buy big training complexes, make the small sports corner. Drill the drill two openings in opposite walls. Then just insert into them the horizontal bar. Bars fasten in the same way, only you will need to choose the certain place in the wall, to make also two openings and to fasten screws fixing beams. When at you the main apparatuses are ready, get the rug for the floor to do on it the press.

2. Find improvised burdenings. Any cargoes, dumbbells and weighting compounds will be necessary for you. If there is the opportunity to borrow the small post, use it! All this will be necessary for additional loading in general exercises for the house training.

3. Train three times a week. Creation of the well-muscled body of the house or in the hall differs only in availability of iron. For the rest – the principles identical. That muscles grew, they need rest and food. Perform no more than 2-3 exercises for one training.

4. Work in the first day on the breast, the second – on the back, the third – on legs. Push-ups from bars and from the floor will be suitable for development of pectoral muscles. For the back – pulling up by alternate grips (wide, narrow, average). For legs – squats with dumbbells, with cargoes. In each of 4-5 approaches do not less than 8-10 times. Have a rest about 3 minutes between each set and start exercise performance again. Also in process of growth of muscle bulk hang up cargo on the back in pullings up and push-ups from bars.

5. Add also exercise on the press after study of basic muscles. Raising of the trunk can become them lying on the back. Put hands for the head and raise the body up from the floor so that to feel tension of belly muscles. Perform this exercise of 100 times each training.

6. Make the program of food for creation of the well-muscled body. It is impossible to create the well-muscled body, without adhering to the competent diet. In yours fats, proteins and carbohydrates have to be food. Use not less than 200 g of protein daily. Eat every 3-3.5 hour that in muscles there was always the reserve of nutrients.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team