As it is correct to accept glutamine in bodybuilding

As it is correct to accept glutamine in bodybuilding

The athletes working on a relief body, dreaming to receive quicker result of the works, try to study as often as possible muscles and to apply the biggest weight. But the growth rate of muscles depends not on the number of trainings and size of the used cargo — it is affected by intensity of production by an organism of hormone of growth and speed of regeneration of muscle fibers. Such substance as a glutamine is responsible for these two actions. Its stocks are replenished naturally and also they can be filled by intake of this substance. About a glutamine as about additive the speech in our article will go.

What is a glutamine

It is the amino acid which is present at proteins. It does not belong to irreplaceable because the organism is capable to develop it independently. This substance circulates at us in blood and is laid in muscles, influencing their growth (muscles for 60% consist of a glutamine). Besides, amino acid is responsible for protective functions of an organism.

Whether you know? The glutamine is capable to lower thirst for sweet therefore those who wish to lose several extra kilos can safely accept it.

Action on an organism

The glutamine transports nitrogen atoms to the enzymes which are taking part in formation of the molecules saturated with nitrogen. As a rule, these molecules are the cornerstone of DNA and are a part of amino acids. Therefore existence of such molecules is very important for functioning of our organism.


The glutamine neutralizes ammonia which is pernicious for cells of muscles. Nitrogen participates in creation of anabolic conditions for restoration and growth of muscle fibers. Therefore, using a glutamine as nutritional supplement, the athlete helps an organism to carry out the next moments:

  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • to slow down catabolism and to lower synthesis of cortisol;
  • to fill up glycogen stocks;
  • to reduce the restoration period after tiresome physical activity;
  • to increase the maintenance of a somatotropin;
  • to support Ph balance.

Side effects

As it was already told at the beginning of article, our organism resupplies a glutamine independently and also receives it from food. It is natural amino acid therefore its additional reception in the form of additive does not do harm. The only thing that can happen after excess of its dosage and at hypersensibility of an organism is indigestion.

Important! The people suffering from a renal failure cannot accept a glutamine.

In what forms is issued

Amino acid is produced in tablets, capsules, powder. To what form to give preference, each athlete independently solves, relying on the requirements.

  • Tablets — the most common and available form. Have a long period of storage, are acquired long.
  • Capsules — are quickly split in gastric juice without considerable loss of nutrients. It is possible to use capsule contents without cover.
  • Powder — a universal form which can be added everywhere. Being dissolved in water, turns into the liquid form acquired most quicker. Buying substance in powder, you can independently regulate its dosage.

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When and how to accept

Each athlete counts an amino acid dosage under himself, relying on the weight and the purposes. So, on 45 kg 9 grams of a glutamine, on 57 kg — 11 g, on 68 kg — 14 g, on 90 kg — 18 g, on 113 kg — 23 g are necessary.

Besides, it is necessary to consider the food allowance, namely amount of the consumed protein. If with food 2 g/kg of weight of protein arrive, then amino acids need to be taken on a minimum. If the diet is balanced or the purpose is drying, then it is possible to use average value (3–5 g a day).

Video: How to accept glutamine Usually many sources report that the recommended dose — 4–8 g of a glutamine a day, and it it is necessary to divide into two receptions. It is the best of all that substance came to an organism approximately for half an hour before consumption of food or sports cocktail. It is desirable to drink the last dose before going to bed as it will allow to accelerate development of a somatotropin.

Important! You should not abuse a glutamine as even if its surplus will not result in dissonance of digestion, then he will just be brought from an organism therefore you for nothing will spend expensive substance.

Combination to sports food

Glutamine is perfectly combined with any sports food. It often is a part of its many types together with a keratin and BCAA. It is only undesirable to mix amino acid with a protein and a geyner as the last are capable to slow down process of its absorption. Therefore between receptions of each of these substances there has to pass at least half an hour.

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Glutamine in food

The main sources of amino acid are:

  • beef;
  • chicken;
  • fish;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products;
  • cabbage;
  • beet;
  • bean;
  • spinach;
  • parsley.

As we see, glutamine is extremely necessary for a set of muscle bulk. It is confirmed a number of scientific research though concerning expediency of its application in case of enough a protein in a diet there are doubts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team