How to begin to be engaged in run

How to begin to be engaged in run

There is the set of the reasons which can be the excellent opportunity to begin to be engaged in run. To motivate itself, psychologists advise to define at least five. It can be desire to keep good sportswear, to lose excess weight, to save on gym, to breathe fresh air, to get rid of cellulitis, to restore health. Whatever your incentive motive was, to begin to run it is necessary correctly that process brought you true pleasure.


1. Consult with the doctor, especially if your weight is more than norm on 15-20 kg and you have diseases of veins or joints. In this case you will need to dose initial loadings very strictly. Perhaps, the doctor will advise to begin to you with fast walking not to do harm to health.

2. Take care of clothes, footwear and equipment. You need to pick up all this so that it was convenient to run, and the clothes didn't hold down movements. It is the best of all to buy the good sneakers which are specially adapted "for run" at once. They won't cost little, but will provide you necessary comfort. Cotton sports socks, terry will be surely necessary inside. You can buy them in sports shop together with sneakers. You will also need shorts and sports trousers to run at different temperatures. It is better to choose T-shirts for run from natural fibers. Don't forget the light windbreaker, the sweatshirt or the jacket. For women it is possible to advise to buy the special sports bra which will help to keep the shape of the breast and to prevent emergence of unpleasant feelings during the occupations.

3. You will choose the place and the route for the trainings. It is the best of all to run at the stadium located nearby and far from gas-polluted automobile tracks. It is better to begin with jogging on the grass – in parks, the next squares. Over time be defined proceeding from what is more convenient to you. If your route passes near the house, then it is better to run in the mornings. It is good if you have the dog – also you will be happy here and your pet who won't refuse to be run too once again. With the dog it is possible to run both in the morning, and in the evening.

4. Having begun to be engaged, alternate run and walking, at the same time, having run the distance once, pass two-three times its fast pace. You breathe deeply, having developed shoulders and the thorax, raise the head and don't constrain the movement of hands. Gradually you will overcome all your routes at a slow pace and run with the different speed. Not really to overload heart, it is possible to overcome 100 first meters of the route run, then to pass them at a slow pace and after muscles are warmed, to run 200, 300 more and in conclusion of 400 meters. Pass that distance which you ran then at a slow pace.

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