How to choose the instructor for scuba diving

How to choose the instructor for scuba diving

The instructor for scuba diving is the professional who has to be able and pass on the experience of successful immersion and inform you of all subtleties and nuances. He has to be the good psychologist that students didn't lose interest in scuba diving.

  • - medical certificate about lack of restrictions with occupations of scuba diving;
  • - swimming accessories - the bathing suit or swimming trunks.

1. First, it is necessary to understand that you expect from training? If your purpose is limited to single immersion on the sea coast, to you will be to complete the introduction course of elementary education enough. Such courses offer many specialized clubs of scuba diving. And the instructor in them can be selected according to the principle of psychological compatibility, being based - it "was pleasant" to personal empathy or "it wasn't pleasant".

2. If your purpose is directed on prospect, you plan not to be limited to single immersions, in this case it is necessary to address in PADI - professional association of instructors of scuba diving. In clubs of this association the strict control of work of instructors and the highest standards of safety at immersions is provided. Therefore before beginning training, it will be offered to you to undergo medical examination. Don't scorn the doctor's advice. Remember that the diving can be injury-causing occupation, and the good instructor will trace your general physical state in the course of training.

3. Having begun training with the instructor, pay attention that swimming with the aqualung demands development of natural reflexes under water, obtaining skills of the correct use of the equipment and necessary knowledge to prevent the wrong reactions under adverse conditions. If you don't feel at yourself development of these skills, think of change of the instructor.

4. On occupations with the instructor you have to feel psychological comfort. If during the occupations you enjoy scuba diving and strengthen in belief in the forces, so you chose for yourself the correct instructor.

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