How to connect knee pads

How to connect knee pads

Warm knee pads – the irreplaceable thing for those who lead active lifestyle spends much time outdoors or constantly freezes at home. They can help at various stretchings and diseases of joints, thanks to what not only is warmed, but also fit tightly and at the same time mass the leg. It is possible to make them the hands in house conditions.


1. Knee pads it is better to knit from wool or wool mixture. Before knitting it is necessary to decide on fabric density. For this purpose connect the square of 10 by 10 centimeters and consider how many loops and how many ranks at you turned out. Then measure the grasp of your leg at the level of 10 – 15 centimeters over the knee. After that calculate how many loops you need to gather to connect the knee pad of the necessary width. Decide also on length of future knee pad and calculate quantity of rows which should be connected. That the knee pad didn't move down and didn't gather in folds, it is better to do it or small, by the size of the knee joint, or to the middle of the shin.

2. The first way of production of knee pads the hands – knitting by the principle of the elastic band for the sock. For this purpose you will need five thin needles. Divide quantity of loops necessary for you into four and gather them on all needles, except one which will be auxiliary. Then knit the knee pad to length necessary for you around, alternating front and back loops. It is possible to make elastic bands only at the edges of the product, for this purpose connect several rows, alternating front and back loops, then the smooth cloth and again the elastic band. The smooth cloth matches only front loops, without alternation.

3. Other way to make the knee pad – to connect by the hands the rectangle and to sew its edges. For this purpose needles or the trigger will be necessary for you. If you knit needles, gain necessary quantity of loops and knit the elastic band of length necessary for you. Then just connect edges of the cloth thread and the knee pad is ready. You can also make the knee pad not the continuous elastic band, and with the smooth site of front loops.

4. If you want to connect the knee pad by the trigger, make the chain of air loops on length exceeding the leg grasp on five millimeters and then knit columns without nakid to necessary length.

5. If you want to connect the openwork knee pad, can do the pattern of columns from nakida, but the product will turn out not such dense.

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