How to measure water level

How to measure water level

For definition of water level in the river or a vessel (a tank, a tank) it is possible to apply tags on a direct lath and to measure level as required. If it needs to be controlled constantly, for rough control it is possible to establish a float in water and to attach it to the microswitch or two. At too big lowering of a float one signal is given, at too big rise – another. For more exact measurement of level of liquid it is possible to use the system of gerkon or the manometer.

It is required to you

  • - foam float with cargo;
  • - permanent magnet;
  • - gerkona;
  • - manometer;
  • - lath.


1. Water level definition a lath Make a direct lath of the necessary length, it is desirable from light and strong metal (duralumin will approach), and apply on it a scale with the necessary price of division by means of a roulette. Immerse a dry lath in water until it reaches a bottom, wetpartsdetermine by where it stopped, and calculate water level.

2. Water level definition by the microswitch Start up on a water surface a float with the cargo, sufficient that its weight could influence the microswitch button. To its top part attach a rigid metal rod, and to it - the yoke fixed on a motionless part of a vessel. Its second end also has to influence the switch. When lowering water level, the yoke rises and presses the microswitch – the signal is distributed. It is possible to connect the pump which will pump up water in the tank to the button. At a raising it is possible to make the scheme of outflow of excess water when pressing the button.

3. Determination of level of liquid the manometer Attach the manometer to a tank bottom. Depending on liquid level, it will show various pressure. Graduate it in meters and learn the device for determination of level of liquid. If the manometer electric, it is possible to connect automatic equipment.

4. Determination of level of liquid gerkony In a hollow tube establish several gerkon, having connected them to a current source. Put on a ring magnet on a float a tube. When the level of liquid changes, and the magnet to move on a float, will become isolated defined to the gerkena. The more gerkon – the sensor is more sensitive.

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