How to develop flexibility and why it is necessary

How to develop flexibility and why it is necessary

We often admire beauty of dancers on the stage, speeches of gymnasts. Most of people consider that the plasticity isn't absolutely necessary to the "average" modern person in this continuous vital vanity. Why it is necessary to us?

The flexibility is put in us by the nature, just presently the organism about it already began to forget because of the lack of the movement. The ability to stretch out, for example, allows to support in the tightened condition of the hip and buttock that has to be very interesting to women. At flexible people the blood supply, the metabolism, the bearing and coordination of movements improves. Sometimes even the gait changes – movements become fluent and graceful. For interest of men it is necessary to tell about that, the muscles strengthened by the extension become the serious defender of the skeleton and the organism in general during serious exercise stresses, bruises, falling, etc.

But that process of trainings didn't become for you the nightmare, consider the following councils, regardless of the set of exercises which you chose:

  • Before the extension it is necessary to warm muscles. Cold muscle tissue lasts badly and painfully. Will approach: running on the spot, leg swings and hands, vigorous trunk turning, jumps and just intensive grinding of muscles.
  • The first occupations don't stretch the muscle to sensations of pain, otherwise you will return to trainings not soon.
  • During the extension of the muscle have to be weakened. Tight muscles almost don't last, and results of exercises will be almost zero.
  • Don't pull the muscle to sharp pains – it can injure muscles.
  • All movements during exercises have to be slow, smooth, without breakthroughs.
  • Time of fixing of each exercise not less than 20 sec.
  • At body pains against the background of trainings it is possible to take the hot bath or to descend in the bath.
  • To repeat the course of exercises at least 3 times a week.

Complexes of exercise can be very different, their huge number. Choose suitable you at the moment time and be engaged. The result won't keep itself waiting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team