Whether it is possible to practice yoga during monthly?

Whether it is possible to practice yoga during monthly?

Practice of yoga enjoys wide popularity today, and there is no wonder as except physical health it brings harmony in inner world, changes the relation to life and its image. Today we will talk about yoga for women during critical days: whether it is possible to practice it at this time and also what advantage or harm occupations can do.

Yoga during the menstrual period

Each woman knows that during monthly the physical activity on an organism has to be minimum. Whether it is worth refusing in general occupations yoga or they can be in something useful — let's understand.


Practice provides asanas, simple performed by, but having obvious useful effects on an organism, especially at regular trainings.

Advantage of performance of such asanas:

  • decrease in pain;
  • elimination of spasms;
  • elimination of a headache;
  • decrease in a painful symptom in a breast;
  • reduction of profuseness of allocations;
  • reduction of irritability and calm of nervous system;
  • normalization of a hormonal background.

During periods the small loading will strengthen blood circulation in bodies of a basin that will help to lower pains and spasms.

Whether you know? In Latin America the archeologists found plates with drawings of the poses which are very reminding some asanas of yoga. Artifacts are dated 5000 years.


Harm from occupations is possible when using of the poses forbidden during this period. To it the turned asanas and those which are followed by strong load of belly area belong. Why such exercises cannot be carried out, the Ayurveda explains: these asanas interfere with natural clarification of a female body, close chakras (psychopower centers) and do not give an exit of the accumulated negative energy that creates the general disharmony.

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Opinion of doctors

At Stanford University a number of researches on female physiology and influence of sport on an organism was conducted during periods. Curious discovery was as a result made: during critical days the female body on endurance is comparable with men's. The thing is that during this period the hormonal background changes: level of women's hormones considerably decreases, increases endurance due to metabolism acceleration.

Therefore adequate trainings not only are not contraindicated, and are on the contrary welcomed. Especially as during physical activity the organism in large numbers produces the endorphin known as happiness hormone. The opposite opinion is expressed by the obstetrician-gynecologist E.P. Berezovskaya. She claims that in the period of periods the physical activities are contraindicated as they can lead to a bigger bleeding. Elena Petrovna claims that because of the strengthened pressure upon belly department the endometrium peeling is possible therefore the less activity — the woman is healthier.

Most of doctors do not challenge a possibility of sports activities in general and yoga in particular during monthly, but insist on preliminary consultation with the gynecologist.

Whether you know? In the USA the system of yoga for … dogs is developed. Instructors-veterinarians help pets to master the equipment for improvement of flexibility and increase in endurance.

Improper asanas during a cycle

During this period poses when which performing such movements as sharp turn, twisting in a stomach, a body revolution legs are required up are contraindicated to women — all of them can provoke complications of gynecologic character. The most dangerous of them — fibroma, peeling of endometrium, a cyst, in certain cases are risks of development of oncology. Let's consider the forbidden poses in more detail.

Ardh Matsiyendrasan

On a photo it is visible that this asana forces to strain muscles of a stomach and a basin. Tension is tested by all bodies of the lower part of a peritoneum, including a uterus.

Karnapidasana (an asana of ears between knees)

When performing an asana the body partially adopts the turned provision at which the basin is above that can provoke the return current of blood.


This pose which is also turned, besides, strongly is curved lumbar department, and belly muscles are stretched and strained.

Bkhekasana (frog asana)

In this case the stomach serves as a point of support, and all loading is the share of it. The uterus is compressed, hips and a waist are strained.

Marichiasana II, III (wise man's asana)

Both options of a pose of the wise man are carried out with sharp turn of a body, compression of belly muscles and bodies of a small pelvis. The uterine cavity is under additional pressure because of position of legs.

Viparita Karani (asana of the turned action)

Such position of a body contradicts the natural mechanism of clarification of an organism, current of blood is directed in the opposite direction. Holding a body, the woman involuntarily strains stomach muscles. Besides, loading is the share also of lumbar department.

Ardh Navasan (pose of the half boat)

In this case efforts of belly muscles are also required that leads to squeezing of a uterus and can strengthen bleeding.

Important! Rash occupations, performance of the exercises forbidden in critical days can provoke, except already listed above problems, failure in a menstrual cycle.

The allowed exercises

In many types of yoga, in particular in kundalin, there are exercises contributing to normalization of a cycle, helping to relax and facilitate a disease state of the woman in the period of periods. They need to be carried out regularly, and during critical days — in the facilitated option.


Exercise on stretching which possesses such influence:

  • weakens and extends a spine column;
  • reduces pain in the bottom of a stomach;
  • improves blood circulation and softly masses internals;
  • helps to get rid of insomnia, concern;
  • kills a headache;
  • loads with positive energy, opening chakras;
  • reduces psychological and intellectual tension.

Technology of performance:

  1. — costing the Starting Position (SP).
  2. Feet together, legs and a back straight lines, palms lie on hips.
  3. Deep breath, on an exhalation smoothly we bend forward. Try to do an inclination from a femoral part, without caving in in a waist.
  4. We continue an inclination down to feet, without bending knees.
  5. Palms have to touch a floor, the back at the same time is relaxed.
  6. Be late for a minute, smoothly become straight.

Video: Uttanasana In the first days is recommended to use the facilitated option without full inclination to feet. In this option it is enough to be bent, forming a right angle of the case and extremities. Hands it is possible to lean against a chair back, having relaxed stomach muscles.

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In kundalin it is a pose for a relaxation. Its major importance — full relaxation of a body and spirit, achievement of rest, psychological and composure. The asana helps to get rid of disturbing states, to release negative emotions, to adjust a dream.


  1. SP — lying on a back.
  2. Part legs in the parties at an acute angle.
  3. Extend hands along a body.
  4. Feel how all muscles relax.
  5. For long relaxation you can take cover a plaid.


Beneficial effect of an asana:

  • allows to distract from uneasy thoughts;
  • normalizes biological rhythms;
  • opens a thorax, promoting deeper and correct breath;
  • stretches a backbone;
  • strengthens muscles of a small pelvis;
  • tones up muscles;
  • relaxes nervous system.


  1. — costing SP.
  2. You hold a back exactly, you look before yourself forward.
  3. Raise the right leg bent in a knee joint.
  4. Develop it aside and lean foot against inside of the left hip as it is possible closer to an inguinal zone.
  5. Fingers of foot are directed down.
  6. On a breath smoothly raise hands up, connecting palms, as in a prayer pose.
  7. Concentrate a look on one point, be late for a minute in such situation.
  8. Repeat on the left leg.

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At painful monthly the vrikshasana is carried out, having leaned a back against a wall.

Video: Vrikshasana

Uttkhita of a trikonasan

The beneficial influence on an organism consists in the following:

  • relieves headaches;
  • stretches and strengthens back muscles;
  • restores psychological balance;
  • improves work of a pulmonary and blood system;
  • gives flexibility to a coxofemoral belt.

Sequence of actions:

  1. — costing SP.
  2. Deep breath, in a jump place legs on width about 1 m.
  3. Raise hands to shoulder height, parallel to a floor, palms down.
  4. Develop a foot of the left leg aside, right on the place.
  5. Smoothly bend to the left leg down, without changing position of hands and without turning the case.
  6. Be late for a minute.
  7. Later repeat on the right leg.

In the period of monthly this asana is carried out at any support, leaning a hand on a shin.

It is important! Not to feel discomfort, the jump in this asana can be lowered, at once having reached the position, necessary for performance.

Baddh of a konasan

Useful influence of exercise:

  • improves blood supply of bodies of a small pelvis;
  • stretches and strengthens muscles in the field of a basin;
  • helps to relax to the nervous device;
  • reduces spasms;
  • reduces the volume of allocations.

Sequence of actions:

  1. SP — sitting.
  2. Back and legs direct.
  3. Slowly, bending legs in knees, bring up them to an inguinal zone of a stupnyama.
  4. Foot connect as palms in a prayer.
  5. Knees are most developed in the parties, hips are opened.
  6. Try to press knees to a floor.
  7. In such situation be late for half-minute.
  8. You breathe deeply and exactly.

During monthly the asana is carried out sitting on a bench or a rigid pillow.


Balasana is a pose of relaxation, it helps to remove nervous tension, to clear thoughts and to get rid of fatigue. Physically the asana helps to weaken a muscular belt, to stretch a backbone.


  1. SP — being kneeling.
  2. Lower buttocks on heels.
  3. Part knees on width of shoulders.
  4. Fall forward, the head by the put hands.
  5. Be late in such situation for time, comfortable for you.

These days under the head and a neck enclose a pillow to reduce pressure upon an abdominal cavity.

Janu Shirshasana

The useful effect of an asana consists in the following:

  • it softly stretches muscles (hips, an inguinal zone, a spine column, a humeral belt), the body feels ease and flexibility, on lumbar department less than pressure is felt;
  • the smoothness of performance calms psychologically, levels uneasiness and fatigue;
  • blood circulation improves, muscles are liberated that kills head and belly pain.


  1. SP — sitting on a floor.
  2. The left leg a straight line, a sock looks up.
  3. The right leg is bent in a knee, foot is pressed to inside of a hip of the left leg, the heel touches inguinal area.
  4. The knee of the bent right leg touches a floor.
  5. Back direct and weakened.
  6. Smoothly fall by the left leg, clasp with hands its foot.
  7. Repeat exercise on other leg.

If pains or bleeding after classes amplified — the reason can be in the wrong performance of exercises. If everything was made correctly, then, perhaps, you have a problem of gynecologic character.

For those who live in a fast rhythm and cannot allocate a lot of time for occupations with yoga, we recommend to get acquainted with a set of exercises which are calculated only for 30 minutes.

In conclusion we will note: during critical days of occupation have to be most facilitated. All poses are carried out with the relaxed stomach muscles, do not forget also about equal breath. The correct and regular practice considerably to facilitate the woman's life during periods both on physical, and at the psychological level.

Video: Practice of yoga in critical days

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