What to speak with the guy about

What to speak with the guy about

The conversation with an opposite sex is always disturbing, especially for girls if this first appointment. Seeking to make an impression of the interesting interlocutor, girls scroll a heap of questions and subjects which can be supported in a conversation in the head.

Common interests

Common interests are, perhaps, the most successful subject for a conversation, especially if the general hobbies really are. At first the girl has to ask the guy, than he is fond and does in the spare time. If he, for example, the inveterate fan to travel and the girl – too, then it is just green light in dialogue development. It is possible to discuss who and where went whether rest was pleasant, to share impressions, to show photos. Generally, if the general interest is found, then problems with awkward silence, as a rule, will not be.


In the story about itself it is necessary to be accurate. Of course, ridiculous true-life stories, the happy moments and bright memoirs will be appropriate. It is possible to tell also about study or work, a hobby, hobbies (even if the guy does not divide them, to it something will be interesting to learn new). But here to fall into some details from the childhood or you should not impose the problems not to absolutely close guy yet – it will only frighten off it. Also it is not necessary to tell about the last relations, guys and td. This subject simply taboo. Also as well as to ask it about last girls. A male much more reserved, than women's and therefore they do not like to share these memories, especially with the unfamiliar person. But if he after all told of something special personal, then the girl can only be glad, it shows that he trusts her. Be not afraid to ask other questions to the guy about his life. It not only is possible, but also it is necessary. Such interest of you will show it that really it is interesting to you.

Cinema and music

It is banal, of course, but without any arguments about movies and music - anywhere. It is especially good if tastes in this case coincide. Then the conversation can infinitely last. It is possible to speak about the favourite movie, the actor, the singer or group. Besides, it is so easily possible and to make the next appointment, for example, to descend on the movie on which both would like to get, or on a concert of favorite band.


It is a typical men's subject. Almost each male with pleasure will develop it unless with rare exception. However here too it is necessary to be accurater: discussing, for example, the soccer teams, it will be very awkwardly unflattering to speak of one of them when then suddenly it turns out that the guy – the fan of this team. Therefore to avoid similar troubles, give an initiative to the young man – he and itself will be let in the story about the sports preferences.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team