How to put kizilnik brilliant

How to put kizilnik brilliant

Kizilnik brilliant — one of the species of plant, most widespread in our country. It represents deciduous bush, up to 2 m high, with remarkable dense and brilliant foliage of rich dark green color. Its feature is that in the fall leaves are painted in bright shades red, purple, yellow and orange. The bush very well transfers hairstyle and quite slowly grows therefore it is recommended to plant as green green hedge.

Kizilnik — quite unpretentious plant, he is undemanding to conditions of cultivation and to humidity and fertility of the soil, can grow in half-shade though in the solar place develops better. Quite well transfers drought and frosts. Therefore it is possible to grow up it practically in any conditions.

Brilliant pave the way for landing of kizilnik in advance. Dig up it, remove roots of weeds. Correct its structure. Though the kizilnik is also unpretentious, young plants will develop and increase escapes better if the soil is more fertile. Add compost or peat, sheet humus and sand to the earth. Carry out lime application, on each square meter of landings it is recommended to add about 300 g of lime, chalk or dolomite powder.

For landing of one bush of kizilnik dig out pole about 70х70 cm in size. On bottom fill drainage. It can be made of crushed stone, gravel, beaten brick or haydite, that is of stones which will be near at hand. Fill layer about 20 cm. Drainage of landing hole will save bush roots from rotting.

Then fill on the third of landing pole prepared feeder pochvosmes. Arrange in it sapling and cover with earth to root neck. At the device of green hedge brilliant dig out poles of kizilnik at distance about 50 cm from each other. If you are going to plant big bushes, then it is possible to increase it to 1.5 m. That the fence was the most effective, arrange saplings in 2 rows in chessboard order. After landing at once humidify the soil also to zamulchiruyta. The mulch can be made of peat or mowed grass. Care for bushes of kizilnik is required minimum. In the first year after landing the weeding and infrequent waterings during the droughty periods is required, under each bush it is necessary to pour out on one bucket of water at this time. Kizilnik it is possible to land both in the fall, and in the spring. During the autumn period do landings, since the middle of August and to the middle of September. You should not delay with disembarkation as saplings have to take roots well before the first frosts. It is possible to land kizilnik since the end of April and till June in the spring. Now in the garden centers more often sell planting stock with the closed root system, such saplings of kizilnik can be planted during the whole summer, but during heat of landing follows pritenyat from blaze of the sun.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team