How to force muscles grow

How to force muscles grow

Inflating of muscles represents slow and difficult process. And after the certain moment to start growth of muscle bulk in general it becomes problematic as the organism gets used to any loadings. Constantly to improve the figure, it is necessary to be able not only to train correctly, but also to have a rest.


1. Constantly play sports. If you want to have beautiful muscles, it is impossible to shake from time to time. You have to have the certain, suitable you system of trainings and rest which it is necessary to adhere. Long breaks in sports activities will reject you to the starting point.

2. Strengthen loadings. It doesn't mean at all that it is necessary to lift every time heavier post or to increase the number of repetitions – possibilities of the organism not boundless. It is necessary to try simply to strain muscles more. And that to achieve it, perform habitual exercises very slowly.

3. Listen to the feelings. It is very important not to be overzealous during the training as it is fraught with serious stretchings and even ruptures of muscles. Therefore it is necessary to be engaged only before emergence of sensations of pain which signal that muscles need rest.

4. Have correctly a rest. The famous body builders and coaches I advise to have a rest until muscle pain finally doesn't pass. After that it is necessary to wait even one or two days and only then to train again. This time is necessary for muscles completely to grow and come to the form. Then you will be able to play sports with new forces, and your trainings will bring much more result. From here the conclusion – that muscle bulk constantly grew, it is necessary to be engaged intensively, but infrequently.

5. Support the organism by healthy nutrition. That muscles grew, after the training it is necessary to eat the products rich with the protein: chicken breasts, dairy products, shrimps, tinned tuna, red fish and red meat. However in usual products of the protein nevertheless it isn't enough to force muscles grow. That is why it is important to drink protein cocktails, parting them not in water, and in milk. But you shouldn't be fond of them as the organism needs various food, otherwise it will begin to glitch. Also for muscles it is important to consume carbohydrate food and useful fats, for example, cod-liver oil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team