How to gain body weight quickly

How to gain body weight quickly

The set of body weight is the complex problem. It treats the field of creation of the correct training program, special catering services and rational structurization of process of intertraining restoration.


1. Exercise control of the current body weight. It has to be in balance with the level of the received caloric content.

2. Increase the number of the received calories in the diet. Add additional meals, pass to four-five single food. Professional bodybuilders, to support body weight eat seven-eight times a day.

3. Receive special sports food, it compensates the spent energy, restores muscle tissue, gives necessary construction material for its further growth.

4. Regulate the combination of fats, proteins, carbohydrates in the diet. Correctly picked up balance of these substances will promote the set of body weight.

5. Be engaged with dumbbells or the post, it stimulates metabolism, changing metabolic rate. Loading muscles, you start the internal mechanism of growth. You will increase appetite, and at the correct satisfaction of need for food you receive growth of muscle bulk.

6. Consider the fact that the training which aims at the set of weight is short-term, high-intensity, with high-quality process of restoration the set of exercises.

7. Do duration of the training in the gym - 40-60 minutes. Time intervals between approaches have to make 60-90 seconds. The most optimum number of trainings in the week – 2-3 that the organism managed to be restored.

8. Take into consideration and the fact that the set of weight is caused not by the amount of time which is carried out in the hall, but quality of the training, i.e. muscles in the course of performance of exercises were how strongly loaded.

9. Include general exercises which involve big groups of muscles in the program. Treat such exercises: the horizontal press, squats with dumbbells or the post, stanovy the press. General exercises start processes of internal hormonal stimuluses of growth.

10. Eat food which contains protein and carbohydrates, within 30 minutes after the training.

11. You sleep not less than 8 hours a day and also use daily not less than 1.6 grams of protein on one kilogram of body weight. It is also the main conditions of the correct restoration between trainings.

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