How to gain weight on the horizontal bar

How to gain weight on the horizontal bar

Exercises on the horizontal bar well suit those who only begin to be engaged in increase in muscle bulk. It is connected with the fact that work with body weight is least traumatic. Besides, pullings up don't demand existence of difficult exercise machines or special programs. Pullings up will suit even to absolutely unprepared people.

It is required to you

  • - horizontal bar.;
  • - burdenings for the case.


1. Pullings up allow to put at the same time large number of muscular groups into operation, it in turn activates growth hormone that leads to the accelerated increase in muscle bulk. However all aforesaid works only at the proper technique of performance of pullings up.

2. Undertake the horizontal bar shoulder width apart. Palms have to be turned from themselves. Strain the press and slightly cramp shovels. Holding the straight line back, smoothly tighten elbows to the case. It is easier, than to last up. After you touch the horizontal bar by the chin, smoothly lower the case down.

3. Don't relax the hand sharply, it can lead to the trauma. Try to lower the body twice more slowly better, than lifted. It will give considerable load of tricepses.

4. The main groups of muscles receiving loading during pullings up, the shoulder girdle, muscles of the back, the hand and the press.

5. To adjust loading, it is enough to place differently hands on the horizontal bar. The it is more than a distance between palms, the load of back muscles, especially the widest is higher.

6. If you want to increase load of bicepses and forearms, undertake the horizontal bar the reverse grip when palms are developed to themselves. Besides, at narrow setting of hands the good loading is received by pectoral muscles, but the main work goes at the expense of force of hands.

7. The narrow reverse grip also trains the deltoid muscle. To pump up trapezes, it is better to use the reverse grip with average setting of hands, and at rise to try obligatory to concern the horizontal bar the top part of the breast. If you, being tightened, get the horizontal bar for the head, besides trapezoid muscles you will pump over top of the widest and also round muscles of the back.

8. Don't forget about the press. Leg raises from the free hang on the horizontal bar – one of the best exercises for muscles bark. They allow to pump over perfectly not only all muscles of the press, but also the case muscle stabilizers. Be not shaken on the horizontal bar not to work due to inertia. Keep the building not movably and raise straight legs as it is possible above.

9. Carry out three approaches till 8-10 of repetitions. The last rise has to be carried out on the limit of forces. Only in this case it is possible to achieve growth of muscles. If you easily carry out 12-15 repetitions, increase the operating weight by means of various burdenings.

10. Between trainings surely arrange day of rest that muscles managed to be recovered. It is known that growth of muscle fibers happens during rest.

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